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Your full-cycle eCommerce agency for headless, Magento, and PWA development services.
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A website with a new design and messages answering our client’s questions and matching their expectations

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March 2021 — October 2021


1 developer, 2 designers, 4 copywriters, 1 QA engineer
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GoMage is a leading Magento and PWA development provider aimed at creating Magento sites that help you take your eCommerce business to new heights. With a dedicated team of experienced eCommerce experts, we deliver reliable, scalable, and high-quality solutions that drive growth. 


A redesigned website with clear navigation, proper messaging with no empty talk, and renovated brand identity
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Organic traffic growth
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Increase in engagement
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GoMagers span all over the world, initiate new company directions, and evolve to be able to help businesses across the globe thrive and prosper. But, to be honest, our old design with air balloons and little clouds just conveyed nothing about our team and its atmosphere, our vision, values, beliefs, and plans.

So we decided: it’s time to change, start our new brand story, and show our true selves. So we are proud to unveil our new brand identity that’s more in line with the GoMage vibe.

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Web Design
before & after.

Challenge: Revamp the GoMage website, make it more professional and modern-looking, strengthen the messaging.
“Be the change you seek.”

This Mahatma Gandhi’s quote inspired our team. As we reflected on our company’s mission and values, we recognized the need to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of our industry. We understood that in order to make a meaningful impact and drive innovation, we needed to redefine our identity, revitalize our brand, and reinvent ourselves from the inside out.

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Stage: Research.

We started with thorough research — analyzing the market and companies offering similar services, reading 600+ Clutch reviews, interviewing dozens of merchants and internal experts to get our ideal client profile. We needed to find out what was the major decision-making factor for our prospects.

Conclusion: It wasn’t website speed or a desire to disrupt the market that merchants sought. What they sought was an agency they could trust, the one that could help them improve from technical and business aspects without juggling hollow promises.

So we started thinking about how we can make the difference and stand out.

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Reflecting the true GoMage spirit through the new branding was so important that we decided to do the conceptualization and the whole design & copy process on our own. 

Branding is not about us, it’s about our clients and their story. And to tell this story so that merchants could recognize themselves in it, we relied on the StoryBrand 7-step framework developed by Donald Miller.

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A CHARACTER is an eCommerce business looking for a fast, modern, and converting website that drives sales.
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They have a PROBLEM — They struggle to find an agency that will help them reach the goal.
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On their way, they meet a GUIDE — GoMage, an eCommerce development agency with a proven hands-on experience of crafting sites that sell.
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The Guide gives them a PLAN. GoMage knows how to take the client to the place of destination and achieve the success they have always dreamed of — GoMage experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of their client’s website to identify problem areas and offer effective solutions to optimize the online store.
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And the Guide CALLS THEM TO ACTION — GoMage invites businesses to contact them for a free consultation to learn more about how they can optimize their eCommerce stores for better performance and increased conversions.
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That helps them AVOID FAILURE: By working with GoMage, eCommerce businesses can avoid wasting time and money on poor-performing agencies that keep making empty promises and instead get a website that drives results from an agency that doesn’t talk scripts but talks results.
We want to be that guide for online merchants to show them how we can help them arrive at the point of destination, overcome technical and business challenges, and paint the picture of what they can get by choosing to work with us.
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STAGE: redesignThe goal was to create the sense of a real agency with real people — a place uniting all of the GoMagers spanning around the globe and breaking down geographical barriers. A place to welcome our clients.
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The idea of partnership is what underlies the concept of our new brand identity. And every partnership starts with a handshake, which is a sign of trust.

With the help of such a logo we want to show our clients that we are ready to go hand in hand with them and assist them on their way to growing their business.

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A cube being a three-dimensional square is a symbol of stability, trustworthiness, and reliability. The cube conveys another meaning as well — we always try to look at our clients’ problems in a holistic way, having a view from all angles to deliver the best possible outcome.

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Reimagined Perception.

Crafting sites is an art for us. We are not a belt conveyor providing development services to clients one by one forgetting about them once the project is finished. We are crafting sites for each client separately tailoring the final product to their needs and goals.

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We opted for Boska, Minion Pro, and Apercu Pro to convey trustworthiness, professionalism, and modernity.

Each of these features aligns with the GoMage’s spirit — we value our clients’ trust and our top priority is to stay professional in every aspect of our services. And we are constantly growing to help our clients keep up with the times and stand out.

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Stage: Website development and testing

Once we’ve developed our new brand identity, our team of experienced developers and designers crafted a renovated website that embodied our refreshed brand. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices, we ensured that the website not only looked modern but also conveyed our mission, vision, and values — our passion for innovation, customer satisfaction, and continuous growth.

After the redesign, the GoMage website enjoyed a staggering increase in organic traffic and engagement. We also saw the conversion rates grow, and we keep moving to new heights, pushing our boundaries even further.

212% Organic traffic growth
78% Increase in engagement
23% Increase in conversions
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