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Our client pays a lot of attention to online store development and understands the importance of renewing and improving functionality using new technologies and innovative approaches so that the most possible store visitors become loyal customers.
Long-term partnership with allows our team of highly qualified professionals to provide customers with the permanent assistance needed to achieve desired results. During the time of our cooperation, online sales have grown by 45%. We do not overestimate our contribution but our project managers, QA engineers, and developer team perceive our customers’ success to be an indicator of a great job done.

Key Results
  • 45%

    Increase in online sales

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    Magento Support

    Case 1: Checkout module customization


    The client wanted to extend the functionality of the GoMage LightCheckout module, which they had been using for over 3 years, implementing the postponement feature when a user subscribes to weekly flower delivery


    Our team created an additional module for the GoMage LightCheckout module, adding the possibility of postponed subscription. Complex functionality of the module, integrated with the Magento admin panel, allowed the customer to set the number of days by which the start of the subscription must be postponed and the days necessary to process the first order. We also extended the functionality of the standard delivery scheduler so that the subscription start date, with the pre-set postponement, was offered when a user selected the days of flower delivery.


    A convenient and easy-to-use checkout page allowed a user to make bespoke subscription formats considering postponement needed by the store owner.

    Case 2: Integration and customization of payment processing modules


    The client wanted to integrate a new payment system that featured postponing subscription starts and various product cost calculations depending on the taxation system.


    In Sweden, product prices displayed on an online store are identical for individuals and legal entities. However, for legal entities, this price does not include VAT (25%), while for individuals the tax is included in the price displayed. For this reason, used to have two stores with the same product range but different tax calculation settings. The client wanted to change their payment system and use Stripe instead. Stripe’s standard functionality allowed working with different types of taxation, yet multiple bugs required our team to perform refactoring of the Stripe module before integrating it with the client’s admin panel.

    “We have refactored the Stripe module before it’s integration with the client’s admin panel and add postponement subscription feature.”

    The client wanted the real subscription to start on the day of the first bouquet delivery – not when money was received from a customer. But the difference between the subscription functionality of Stripe and Magento is that Stripe has no postponement feature.

    We rewrote the Stripe module to now work in the following way:

    • A customer pays for the order.
    • The module creates the order in Magento’s admin panel with the “pending” status and sends Stripe a data query.
    • Stripe creates a trial subscription.
    • When the trial subscription ends, Stripe starts the real subscription. It sends a corresponding query to Magento andorder status is changed to “completed”.
    • When the bouquet is delivered again, Stripe charges the client’s card and sends a query to Magento, which createsanother order with immediate “completed” status. This process is repeated until the end of the subscription.

    The module was successfully rewritten and debugged, ensuring the correct operation of newly implemented functionality. According to the client’s requirement, Stripe activates a trial subscription when a product is purchased instead of immediately activating the real subscription.

    Case 3: Bugs Fixing, Testing, Server Support

    While we were working on the development of the Magento website, we encountered a range of difficulties that we then successfully resolved. These included:

    • Problems with sessions and cookies working incorrectly across two stores: We analyzed the cookies mechanisms and corrected SSL certificates for each store.
    • Apple Pay button working incorrectly: We fixed all bugs and, after a series of tests, integrated the module for which we continue currently to provide support.
    • Database server malfunction: Our specialists ran fine-tuning of the servers affected as well as performed HTML and CSS validation across the entire site.

    To ensure proper operation of all integrated modules, a QA engineer is assigned personally to each customer’s site. Their job involves thoroughly checking all new integrations. First, each module is tested on our local dev site. With full function confirmed, the module is moved to a staging site identical to the client’s live site. Here, the functionality of the new feature and its integration with other site modules is checked again.
    This tiered approach reduces the probability of errors on a customer’s live site to the absolute minimum.
    We have also implemented GIT (the version control system storing all code changes) so that any updated module can be smoothly reverted to its previous release state.
    Our team provides full support service for every customer so that any detected malfunction can be fixed as swiftly as possible.

    After migrating to Magento 2 which was quite new to us at that time, our site has got new features and improved performance. It was one of the key steps to our online sales increase.
    We are very grateful to the GoMage professionals for their flexible approach to our needs and their help in the successful implementation of all our requirements.

    Michael Sullo
    Founder, Restaurant Supply