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What eCommerce News Made Retailers Happy in May 2021?

Jun 3, 2021
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A front page of a newspaper with major eCommerce news from May

This month, we take a look at new features of Adobe Commerce and how they can boost your conversion rate. Watch fresh news in our latest video!

New Features for Adobe Commerce

Do you know that Adobe rebranded Magento Commerce? Yes, now the paid Magento version goes by the name “Adobe Commerce” and this is just the beginning.

Now, the American company is adding new eCommerce features that boost conversion rates and bring out smiles (oh yes!) on the faces of many Magento owners.

What are these features and how can they help your business? Let’s crack on!

Live Search

The Live Search is finally here. At the end of last year, Adobe shared its plans regarding the product search update. And the company finally delivered on its promise.

The updated search feature combines the power of Adobe Sensei Artificial Intelligence with real-time data. The solution provides customers with personalized search results. Thanks to artificial intelligence, search-as-you-type results become smarter over time and improve the customer journey for online shoppers.

The extension is completely free and available for Magento store owners.

Product Recommendations

Another cool update has to do with Product Recommendations. The new feature provides product recommendations based on the buyer’s purchasing behavior and the area of focus. You can configure settings so that your customers receive product recommendations based on one of the following factors:

  • Most viewed
  • Most purchased
  • Most added to cart
  • Recommended for you
  • Views this, viewed that
  • Viewed this, bought that
  • Bought this, bought that
  • More like this
  • Trending
  • Visual similarity

This functionality would be particularly useful for B2B and SAAS companies that aim at incorporating different buying scenarios for their audience. But B2C “folks” can also leverage new features in their upselling and cross-selling strategies.

Future Adobe Plans

Adobe also shared plans on future integration between Adobe Commerce and Adobe Sign in the second half of this year. The new features will allow store owners to work with capital loans and ease the paperwork for their business.

If you’re using Adobe Commerce, you should fasten your seat belt, as more sales-driven, conversion-spiking and revenue-bringing features are yet to come! The Adobe company acquired Magento for a reason so be prepared to see major changes to this eCommerce platform.

Magento Security Update

This May, both Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source versions have seen a new security update. Now, merchants can get better sleep at night without worrying that their store may be hacked.

The new update disables the copy feature of critical fields on the frontend, such as credit card input fields. It prevents malware from reading the data from the clipboard and sending it to a remote hacker.

So be sure to install the new security update to protect your business from data breaches and other unwanted scenarios.

Adobe & Zip Partnership

Adobe partnered with an Australia-based company Zip, providing Buy-Now-Pay-Later services. This is good news for Magento merchants because, now, they can offer more flexible payment options for their customers.

Imagine a scenario when a customer adds an item to the cart, goes to checkout but feels hesitant to click the “Buy” button. This could happen due to lack of brand trust, tight budget, or “my wife is going to kill me” reasons.

But the Zip service allows customers to repay for a product in small parts and over a period of time. From the merchant’s standpoint, this service allows for smooth cash flow, increased order value, and a higher number of repeat customers.

If you’re interested, the Zip extension is already available in the Magento marketplace so check it out!

MailChimp Enters eCommerce

The ‘big player’ in marketing services, MailChimp, stopped doing marketing only. The American company has decided to open its own eCommerce platform.

And that makes sense!

Online stores make up 40% of their customer base so the move from SaaS (Software As A Service) to PaaS (Platform As A Service) may be a smart one. The only trick is that most of their customers already have an eCommerce platform. And the odds are that few companies are keen on bearing all the challenges of a platform migration.

But MailChimp must know better so let’s wish them luck on their eCommerce journey.

New PWA Video Series

Finally, some good news from GoMage! As you might already know, we run a YouTube channel where we talk, joke, and provoke great conversations about eCommerce.

So we’d like to make a big announcement: we’re launching a new video series dedicated to PWA and our brainchild, GoMage PWA Storefront. Over the next few months, the true PWA expert, Yuriy Protsiuk, will talk about headless technology and how it can benefit an online business.

If you’re interested in PWA, check out the first episode where we show the installation process and how it’s done in a few clicks:

Thanks for reading the article and see you in one month when we share major June highlights.

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