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Just imagine, you have a personal seller who works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and does not ask for a salary for it! Do you think this is a myth?

And here and there, video marketing can, in fact, become such a personal seller, who will always work for you.

Imagine you have created a video that will be viewed by a million people, thereby attracting hundreds of customers. Want to? Then, right now we will tell you how video marketing works. Video marketing has experienced dramatic growth over the past two years. This fact is not surprising because this channel has many advantages to deliver information to a potential customer.

What Is Online Video Marketing

Video marketing is an activity aimed at shaping the needs of people in any product using video. In other words: you create videos in which you tell people about your products and services.

But everything is not so simple, you need to create a video, upload it to a hosting and promote it, and at the same time find out the needs of clients and take this into account when creating content. Otherwise, your video will not get views and your customers will not trust you.

Video marketing has become so popular due to the fact that promoting a site through SEO has become very difficult. After all, it is necessary to create texts that have not yet been in the network in order to please search robots. Therefore, to get around such a difficult and long work of promoting a site, it is easier to promote your video and get into the TOP of the same Google search results.

How to Do Video Marketing: Add Video Marketing Content to Your Online Store

As shown by the statistics, every year the adult population spends more and more time watching video content on different devices.

why use online video marketing

Nowadays we have more options for watching videos and the above-published chart shows this very clearly. A video can “communicate” and sell even better than a sales manager if all the advantages of this type of content are used. Let’s review the details.

1. It is easy to perceive
If one picture is more productive than hundreds of words, can you imagine this comparison between a static image and a video? It is clear that a video can include more information about a product’s characteristics and usage features by showing how they can be used or serviced. Very often people are tired of the hard work, therefore, they look for more relaxing ways to get information. They prefer to see an interpretation of complex instructions or facts instead of reading them. That is why the explanatory video is very popular.

An important point to remember is that with the web people are unable to physically touch the services or products they are looking for. Further, we've heard people say that the in-person one-to-one approach is lacking when doing business on the Web. As a result, Magento eCommerce store owners need to find ways to circumvent these downsides.
Yes, they can create an article based on a story, sharing how this product is of benefit in a given situation but not everyone is willing to take time to read such a story.

Yes, they can share images of the product so people can see what they are about to purchase but it is difficult to tell from an image alone exactly what the buyer will be receiving.
Both of the above are why marketing with video is such a powerful way of connecting buyers and sellers. Not only can they hear your story but they can watch in 3D as you explore the product and its various features for them. It isn't the same as being able to see it in person but being only one step removed is far better than being out of the equation altogether.
2. It is entertaining
Along with useful information or explanations, video marketing strategists know that a video can include jokes, funny personages, songs, animation and other elements for attracting people’s attention. Useful information will be perceived as much better if it is combined with entertaining content.

HOT TIP: When creating an entertaining video be sure to include an intro (branding before a video starts) and an outro (engages an audience once a video has finished). These two inclusions help to spice up your video while also helping to make your entire presentation look far more professional than it otherwise would.

3. It can convey emotions
The effectiveness of an advertising campaign can be expressed in various ways. A video is able to add emotion and makes the content more memorable. It is possible to emphasize the contrast that, after a purchase of a particular product, a buyer has more positive emotions. If a static image can show emotions only through an illustrated smile, sad facial expression or certain body positions, a video can convey many different emotional states more clearly and brightly.
4. It can present your e-commerce business
People will have more trust in an online store if they have an idea of how the company works and lives. Therefore, video reports from corporate events, real work in the office, behind-the-scenes of the products shipping process, - all these visualizations can win more trust from potential and existing customers and help to create the necessary positioning of the company.

pros of video marketing

For example, let's say you are working on a live product demonstration video strategy.

HOT TIP: This is a very popular way of creating marketing videos.
When watching a video, have you ever found yourself looking at the details in the background? Isn't it amazing that your mind makes assessments about the product or service based on what the unrelated background looks like?

Imagine offering specialized bakery services and in the background, you see a desk piled with unorganized paperwork? Does this give you a reason to believe that this creative artist will not get your order processed correctly? If your eCommerce purchase is tied to special festivities provided by a wedding, graduation or reunion you likely don't have time for someone to be making mistakes on your behalf.
Simply put, you need their work to be right the first time.
5. Video Marketing can help to improve the ranking on Google
Don’t forget that video is also a part of your online store content which is analyzed by Google. A unique video on YouTube or on social networks increases the rating of your online store. Here are some specific points to know about Google:

  • The better statistics you have for the first hours after uploading the video to YouTube, the easier promotion will be in the future. In other words, the first hours after uploading are most important for making a video popular.
  • Google analyzes not only the number of viewers, but also the depth of viewing, and this parameter is weightier. For this reason, it is not recommended to make the video too long. Videos of 2-3 minutes long are more likely to be watched until the end, than 10-minute ones.

6. Video feedbacks and recommendations
They work best if you can interview the VIPs or experts in your business area. However, a sincere video explanation given by ordinary people, with short conclusions about why they use the product and what benefits are obtained can also be effective. It is really good for hard-to-use, expensive or innovative products.
A word should be said about the power of comments within this strategy. If you deliver an amazing video that is informatively engaging then you increase the possibility of your audience leaving a comment about what they have seen. People do read these comments and they can become an extremely important part of your entire video marketing strategy.
7. Webinars
It is a very popular way to communicate with customers today. Motivation to attend a webinar should be very strong, which is only possible if the webinar offers breaking news or a topic that is interesting and really important for the audience of the online store.

Don’t forget that webinars recording is also digital marketing that can be used for promotion. In fact, this point is where webinars can become invaluable. Not everyone can be available when you are hosting your webinar. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can send a link to the video of your webinar when and if it becomes necessary to do so?
8. Video Sharing
If people like a video, many of them prefer to share it on social networks and therefore extend your reach without further budgeting required on your part. Viral marketing is “tour de force” in this channel of promotion. Many people find sharing videos more compelling than almost any other digital property.
Magento 1.x, as well as Magento 2.x, allows adding videos to product pages very easily. To add Vimeo videos you only need your video’s link. To add YouTube videos you need to enter YouTube API Key in Configuration (admin/system_config).

how to do video marketing

How to Use Video in Marketing: Video Marketing for Business

In fact, there are many reasons to use video marketing in business, but these are the main ones:

1. Rapid brand building and popularity with the audience. Want to win the hearts of your audience? Shoot interesting videos, show the production of your goods, show the behind-the-scenes life of the company, give us useful information about the use of the goods, respond to customer requests.

So you will cause trust in your company, which means you will attract customers and increase sales.

2. Channel to attract customers. Want to get to the top of Google? Create videos for your target audience, and when people start searching for information through a search engine, your video may be at the very top of all the videos. So you will attract the attention of users, followers of your videos, which means new customers.

3. Promotion with minimal cash outlay. Website promotion can cost you a lot of money because to promote a website you need an SEO specialist, a copywriter and a lot of time. The site is a long-term perspective.

To promote a video you do not have to spend a lot of time and the costs are minimal. You just need to create a video for users' requests, optimize it by writing a name with a keyword, add a description of the video and keywords. Most often, such content is promoted independently.
But you can cooperate with bloggers and influencers to get your video shared and promoted on their channel.

If you place videos on your resources - in a blog, on a landing page, the time visitors spend on your sites increases, which has a positive effect on the promotion of your sites. This is another plus in favor of the video.

4. Better conversion. Video converts better than sites. Landing conversion increases by as much as 80%. It’s much faster and easier for people to watch a video than to read a long text. It’s easier to make a phone call than to write a long message. According to statistics, after watching a video 74% of people pay for the product showcased in it.

5. Trust relationships with customers. When you are open and transparent, you inspire confidence in your audience. A video gives you an opportunity to show your true face, address the audience and tell about your offer. And trust is the best way to promote sales.
In addition, the movie adds reality to your products. After watching a video, it seems to customers like they have actually "touched" the real product and gotten a real feel of it. Customers become more confident when they buy a product because they know what they will get.

Many years ago cinematograph changed people’s perception and collective experience by allowing spectators to sit together in a dark theater and watch movies on an illuminated screen. We are far away from those days and, taking into account future technology developments, more is yet to come.

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