SecureBuy: Prevent Cyber-Shoplifting And Payment Fraud

SecureBuy is the leading architect of automated fraud technology and eCommerce hosting solutions. SecureBuy's innovative technology reduces or eliminates the risk of payment fraud for merchants, call centers, consumers and payment processors.

SecureBuy's unparalleled eCommerce platform levels the playing field and provides merchants everything needed to conduct business in the online and mobile space.

SecureBuy’s cloud-based solution replaces the typical 4.9 fraud screening applications and manual review processes utilized by successful merchants today. SecureBuy uses patented technology to outperform anything in existence by automating 100% of the entire payment fraud, friendly fraud, or cyber-shoplifting prevention process. SecureBuy can also reduce clients’ fraud prevention operational budget by up to 75%, and bring their checkout process within currently mandated FTC and CFPB compliance requirements. SecureBuy is certified by all major card brands and is the most advanced payment fraud prevention solution ever created for mobile and online merchants.

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