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Search Engine Optimization Techniques: 5 Basic Strategies

Sep 12, 2019 7 min read 170 views
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Search Engine Optimization Techniques_ 5 Basic Strategies

In 2019 online advertisement left offline ads behind. Nowadays about 75% of people use the Internet, about 96% use search engines to find important information. Talking about SEO, almost 70% of information is organic SEO issues.

Still, the other 30% is contextual advertisements.

There is no such a powerful tool for advertisement as Search Engine Optimization. The correct setting of search keys allows reaching potential clients and customers. There is no doubt that one can find many advertisements on the radio, on TV and on different billboards all over the world. All in all, about 96% of people nowadays are looking for information on the Internet through search engines.

In this article, we would like to present 5 main strategies that are considered to be the best for 2019 year. Moreover, we will check what should SEO professionals wait this year and what SEO strategies and tactics will work to prevail search results and earn more revenue.

What are the Best SEO Strategies

How do I create a SEO strategy

GoMage company had done special research and got to know the most important trends in SEO you should know in 2019. These are the expert opinions of SEO professionals who are keen on their business. Let’s check and make notes to learn what these points are:

  1. Understanding your audience and user intentions

First, you need to understand what potential customers want to find when they enter a search query related to the website or application of your brand. Only after analyzing a specific request and techniques that others use for better ranking, you will learn how to improve your content. This means that you need to figure out the nature of the queries you want to advance on.

According to our experts’ opinions, it is important to know what kind of content your auditory prefer. This could be text, video, podcasts, or something else. You must understand what people expect to find when they search for something so that your website must give them the answer in the simplest way.

We have highlighted several main tips for SEO in 2019-2020 which have great influence:

  • YouTube
  • podcasts
  • UX-signals
  • fast Google answers
  • Google Knowledge Graph;
  • videos
  • optimization for the mobile-first index

Along with the market changes, user interests and expectations are moving forward and changing also. Those who do not use new modern tools fall behind. So, what should you do to change your SEO strategy in a better way?

Do everything you have done before, do not forget about adopted mobile versions of your resource, but also work with the desktop versions. Keep in mind that people enter part of the requests with the help of the voice assistants which can dictate answers from special blocks that they need to get into. It might be a good idea to record and upload more videos, as this is now the most popular format.

If your site empowers your audience, you will be rewarded by Google, and the visitor will invest in your resource. SEO promoters and content professionals will need to focus on users’ intentions for the keywords more than ever. When conducting keyword research in 2019-2020, be sure to check the search results to see if sites like yours use this target phrase.

It’s time to stop creating a great number of keywords and start making sure that your content fully dedicates the requests that your audience searches for. It is important to put the content one step ahead by responding to subsequent questions that may appear right after learning the previous information.

NOTE! The combination of quality content and trust links, branding as part of SEO, the creation of content that fully reveals the topic – one of the main rules for Search Engine Optimization in 2019 and 2020.

  1. RankBrain: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search and Virtual Assistants.

In 2019 and 2020, there will be as much content published as never. The overall quality of this content will only grow because the authors spend now even more effort to achieve good results. In addition, the search engines will have to work harder than ever to distinguish quality content from bad and push newcomers to the front line.

In addition, the ranking factors for the top are in a very high position now (relative CTR, return to search results, etc.), and this forces webmasters and optimizers to monitor these performance indicators carefully and spend a lot of time monitoring search results to reduce the risk of sagging positions.

Learning the basics of Data Science (Python, SQL), along with a deeper understanding of data visualization tools and libraries like D3JS, will be important for SEO. This will change the SEO strategy for most websites, as it will contribute to more active testing, obtaining a huge amount of data (via the API) and a streamlined approach to standard SEO practices.

Imagine that SEO uses machine learning to analyze a technical SEO audit of a site with actual performance in issuing and monitoring positions. As a result, it turns out that on eight specific pages there are three errors that cause 90% of the sagging positions. This significantly affects the terms of what and when to fix it.

In 2019 and 2020, the SEO professionals will have to make every effort to prove that their services for monitoring positions comply with current requirements. Additional tools and wider use of the API for each of them are needed.

Main Google’s goal is orientation and user interaction. To achieve this goal, they conducted more than 200,000 experiments, on the basis of which they introduced more than 2,400 changes in the search (only in 2018). We believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning is the engine for all changes, which allows Google to conduct these experiments and analyze the results on a massive scale automatically.

Another important trend that will change users’ engagement with search results in 2019 and 2020 is what Google calls the “transition from travel to travel answers.” This trend is already evident in the form of comparison modules, Google collections, advanced features in the knowledge graph, and other “native” types of Google content.

We think that these innovations will have a huge impact on the design and interaction with the issue page in the near future. They offer both new features and challenges due to reduced organic visibility.

  1. Page Optimization

How do I increase search engine optimization

According to Tony Wright, CEO and founder of WrightIMC, page optimization will continue to be important in 2019 and 2020. Wright states that links are still very important, but the biggest blow to most SEO companies is the constant page optimization.

There are some key site optimizations:

  • Content that answers common user questions.
  • Providing an internal search on the site gives relevant results.
  • Reduce the conversion process.
  • Make sure that regular customers can simply replenish their assortment.
  • Support service answers questions related to business.
  • Consider using chatbots to ease the burden of basic, general issues and procedural tasks.
  • Users can easily move to physical places.
  • Provide users with an excellent purchasing experience.

In addition to the optimization of your own website, you should also optimize your search on Google. Blocks for answers, instructions, carousels will occupy a significant place in organic traffic. This makes SEO even more important because the impact depends on both visibility in search results and clicks. Optimization for selected snippets and other Google search features will remain an important trend – and more important than ever.

  1. Technical SEO

Each year, the complexity of websites continues to grow, which makes technical SEO promotion the main direction of investment in 2019 and beyond.

Have a look at some key areas of the technical side of SEO:

  • Speed –  websites will become easier and faster when SEO discovers that Google is promoting such sites.
  • JavaScript – even more sites you come across will be JavaScript oriented (probably this is one of the big platforms like React, Vue.js, and Angular). This means that it’s time to learn some JavaScript tutorials and find out how the major search engines work with Javascript-based websites.
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA) –  learn how your PWA can become a user-friendly environment for users who would like to host them on their home screen.
  1. Skills development, credibility, reliability

Although the EAT guidelines are for Google’s rating algorithms and not for the Google algorithm itself, it helps us to understand where Google is moving in the short term. This will help SEO professionals to understand that quality depends on the context. You cannot easily evaluate authoritative content if you are not an authority on the subject.

It is important to look at the distribution and promotion of content in terms of reputation. Hire experts to create content, use data from reputable organizations, and provide credentials and tools for both parties. Think about engaging your employees in blog writing. How can you be a constant source of information for journalists on your main topic? This level of knowledge is what Google is looking for to improve its results.

How Сan I Do SEO for Free

How can I do SEO for free

There are many different useful free tools for SEO on the Internet which you can use any time you need. Moreover, all of them are simple in usage and really useful for your business.

  1. AdWords Keyword Planner

The AdWords keyword planner from Google is one of the leaders on the Internet. Its functionality allows you to create keyword lists, analyze the position of your site in search results, and plan advertising campaigns. What is more, it is free to use.

  1. Content Analysis. Siteliner

The main component of your site is content. The future of your site and the business depends on it. If an incorrectly written text scares off your potential customers, then the copied text from other resources will cause a tough reaction from the search engines in the form of lowering positions or ban.

Siteliner is a free service for a comprehensive SEO analysis of all pages of your site. All you have to do is enter the address of your site and click on the “Go” button. One of the main features of this service is the analysis of all pages of the site at once. Siteliner identifies duplicate pages that are needed to be removed, analyzes the correctness of the Sitemap XML file, sitemaps and page rank indicators (Google’s PageRank). All this is presented to you in the form of an understandable in-depth report.

  1. Copyscape

Copyscape is a free tool for analyzing each page of your site individually and detecting unconfirmed copies of pages on the Internet. This service will be useful to those site owners who are faced with the problem of content theft.

SEO Trends 2019 is one of the most popular themes for today. Organic traffic is really important for all websites. Each year, the professionals all over the world learn and examine all the possible ways to increase organic ranking and how to get the highest results possible.

Do you want to bring your website to the highest positions in Google but do not want to take on the task of Search Engine Optimization?

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