New Video: 7 Steps to Include into eComm Strategy in 2021

Have you ever seen Santa talk about eCommerce? Watch the latest video on our YouTube channel and find tips to boost your 2021 eComm strategy.

During the pandemic, 84% of consumers chose online stores to shop. Because of changes in consumer behavior, 10 years of eCommerce growth happened in just three months. These changes left many store owners in the woods.

How can you prepare for sudden changes in the year to come?

We have collected a list of 7 simple tips:

Welcome New Customers

After the pandemic started, eCommerce saw an extreme growth of new customers. Many customers turned to new brands because of value, availability, and convenience.

Improve Checkout

Checkout is the most important part of the whole shopping process. An average checkout rate is around 88 percent. However, you can change that by implementing a few solutions.

Improve Customer Service

Since customers can’t visit local stores and have to shop online, they no longer can check products personally. Thus, they started asking more questions about products they are interested in. You can easily turn these questions to your advantage.

Collect Customer Reviews

More customers online mean more reviews for businesses. The number of reviews was up by 76% in 2020. Such reviews can turn into powerful social proof.

Prepare for mCommerce Growth

mCommerce is projected to grow in the following years. With new Google ranking signals, you need to prepare your store beforehand to meet new customers and provide them with great user experience.

Go Multichannel

With over 73% of customers visiting a few shopping channels before making a buying decision, you cannot ignore the importance of multichannel eCommerce. Consider moving to new sales channels and find how you can do that in the video.

Optimize UX

Google prepared a few updates to its search algorithm that are going to come into force in May 2021. You need to prepare for these changes to get better results in SEO, speed, and user experience.

Learn what the future hold for eCommerce in 2021

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