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Best Reasons for Magento eCommerce Development by Real Experts

Oct 3, 2019 5 min read 444 views
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Best Reasons for Magento eCommerce Development by Real Experts

Magento eCommerce development is one of the most popular practices among project managers and business owners. Open-source status, SEO friendliness, the support of a wide variety of powerful extensions, and high scalability drive the popularity of Magento in business spheres.

There are so many reasons why businesses choose Magento, and one of them is the ease of use. The following are the main reasons why you should consider using Magento, based on the opinions of the leading professionals.

Experts Speak Out About Reasons for Magento Development

8 reasons why you should choose Magento to build an eCommerce store by Maulik Shah.

“What WordPress is for the CMS industry, Magento is for eСommerce technology.”

According to Maulik, the control that Magento offers sets it far and above other eСommerce platforms. Perhaps that is why Magento is number one on his list:

  1. Full Control

The flexibility of functionality both on the front and back-end allows store owners and developers to customize how they will use the available features.

  1. Catalog Management

Including product comparisons, wish and search list displays, as well as blocks where related products can be displayed.

  1. Community Support

Service providers and store owners, developers, and other users have an integrated support system that will provide answers to all your Magento questions.

  1. Functional Extensions

A variety of Magento extensions, from shopping cart extensions to checkout functionality on one page, maximize the power of your storefront solutions.

  1. Scalability

Unlike other eCommerce solutions, your Magento store can grow dynamically with you and your progress in creating your online space.

  1. Open Source

Magento allows you to see the generated source code of your own project, as well as others. As a result, you can customize your own design based on the work of other people.

  1. SEO Friendly

Promote your store on Google with Magento SEO solutions that are convenient and easy to manage.

  1. Alerts

Notifications of changes in prices and stock availability allow the Magento store owner to keep abreast of all the products they work with.

Top 4 Reasons to Use Magento as Your eCommerce Platform
Magento Enterprise Features

“It is estimated that Magento holds over a quarter of the eCommerce platform market share.” – Jacob Redmond

Jacob offers his top reasons to use Magento for its design purpose.

  1. Purpose

While other eCommerce platforms approached storefronts from a “me too” perspective, Magento created its entire platform, and eCommerce was the focus of its attention.

  1. Versatile

The power of open-source Magento is the reason why business owners choose the capabilities of this platform.

  1. Powerful

Place up to 500,000 products on one site, and more than 80,000 orders can be processed per hour without performance problems on the client-side.

  1. SEO

Magento makes SEO implementation quick and easy with predefined locations for entering metadata, categories, and sitemap updates.

13 Reasons on Why To Choose Magento For Your eCommerce Website

From Embitel “Used by 26% of the eCommerce stores”

  1. Open-Source

Open source is listed as the main reason Embitel recommends Magento. Embitel claims that open source works in a proper way, adding that there are community-based and enterprise versions available.

  1. Flexible

Simple updating of showcases and catalogs to the latest releases, as well as individual solutions for each client for products, brands, shopping carts, and much more.

  1. SEO-Optimized

As others have already mentioned, Magento simplifies SEO requirements management as part of the built-in login block features.

  1. Responsive

Mobile technologies are very popular in our world today. That’s why Magento guarantees that your store will be adoptive for all users, regardless of their individual screen sizes.

  1. Diversity

Enhance the experience of your customers by offering them a wide selection of products.

  1. Cross-Browser Compatibility

Regardless of whether your client uses Chrome, Mozilla, Safari or any other web browser, your store looks perfectly formatted according to the specific viewing platform.

  1. Various Payment Methods

Regardless of whether your customer makes purchases through PayPal, Quickbooks or directly with a credit card, Magento allows you to process your transactions all over the world easily.

  1. Multilingual, Multi-Currency and Secure

No matter what part of the world your customer purchases from, Magento allows you to easily communicate with clients in their language and collaborate with them in local currency.

Magento provides a secure platform where sellers can conduct business safely without worrying about compromising confidential customer data

  1. Return Material Authorization (RMA)

While everyone hopes that all customers will like their merch, returns happen sometimes. Magento makes this process seamlessly easy.

  1. Extensions and Themes

While Magento brings tremendous power, extensions expand the capabilities of customers, so visitors are more inclined to shop. The appearance of your store may become more interesting depending on the specific niche you are targeting, due to the variety of available themes.

  1. Advanced Reporting

Be sure everything is working properly, and keep abreast of the weaknesses of your decisions so you can manage your success by working on updates and changes.

  1. One-Step Checkout

Magento offers a convenient and simple one-step shopping solution, which means that far fewer customers will leave their shopping carts.

  1. Multiple Navigation Options

Providing as much convenience as possible to customers to find what they are looking for increases the chances of making purchases.

8 Reasons to Use Magento From KodeWork

“Since 2008, the demand for this platform grows with the speed of light.” – KodeWork

  1. Open Source

KodeWork also believes that Magento being an open-source platform is the main reason for choosing this eCommerce platform. As the source code of Magento is open, it enables the platform to be extremely versatile, even at its core.

  1. Extended Features

Promo prices, layered navigation, newsletter management are aspects of Magento power.

  1. Scalable

Whether you’re expanding Magento capabilities by integrating extensions or hiring developers, small businesses can move to the middle and higher tiers thanks to Magento scalability.

  1. Language Diversity

Do you need a specific target language? Magento will help. In fact, if your store intends to reach a multicultural audience, Magento offers the ability to serve your store in multiple languages.

  1. 3rd Party Integrations

Want to host your Magento store on a WordPress website? Magento can do this. Want to combine your store with PayPal, eBay, or Google Analytics attributes? Magento will handle the task. Connecting to third-party solutions is usually easy for Magento.

  1. Customizable

Go from standard templates to custom solutions with Magento development services.

  1. Mobile Media

If your site does not attract people using mobile media technologies, today you are fighting in a lost battle online. Magento allows you to quickly respond to technology solutions that are easy to implement.

  1. Security

It’s easier for customers to shop, knowing that their information is secure, so Magento makes it easy to implement SSL protection as well as secure payment bridge.

5 Reasons to Use or Migrate to Magento by Paul Rogers

Magento Platform Features

“Magento is the world’s biggest eCommerce platform which has been chosen by over 200,000 retailers worldwide” – Paul Rogers

  1. Support

One of the main reasons for choosing Magento is a large number of developers who support it. The huge community clearly indicates its high popularity in the world of eСommerce but also gives you the confidence that when you have questions, you can get support on all issues of your store.

  1. Scalability

While many other experts have talked about Magento’s scalability, Paul quickly points out that many retailers based on the Magento community are doing much more than 20 million without going to the corporate platform.

  1. Expert Diversity

If your professional Magento developer is not suitable for you, there are many alternatives, which means that you have many opportunities for improvement, one of them is hiring a developer from top small business eCommerce companies.

  1. Feature Rich and Version Variety

Paul goes deeper into the various Magento features than other experts. Only a few of the creative solutions he offers include gift codes, sales, packaging, and advanced shipping. Magento is not a universal eCommerce solution. Just decide which type of storefront you will be working with and determine which Magento implementation you want to protect accordingly. When you work with Magento, your options are as varied as the products you sell.

  1. Magento Connect and Integrations

Find the right extensions to launch the Magento store, in which thousands of options can be tested, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to provide only the best solutions for your project.

Depending on your specific needs and problems, Magento can be integrated with various third-party programs, including SalesForce, PayPal, ZenDesk, MailChimp, and the list goes on.

We have tried to compound the list of the most useful and popular points which can attract your attention to the Magento system. These are the opinions of the real pros, whose conclusions are based on real experience with Magento and its implementation in business projects.

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