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Magento Android App: How and Why Build One in 2023

Sep 28, 2022
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Best Ways to Create a Magento Android App

Imagine that you’ve got an online shop, and the analytics tells you that the bounce rate at your site is going higher and higher. Check if your store is well-optimized for mobile use ASAP! 65% of UK customers prefer online purchases with their smartphones, and this trend is going global (States). Thus, a Magento Android app development is a good way to satisfy shoppers’ appetite for convenience and turn the situation for the better.

Are you now willing to translate your Magento store to the mobile version without spending a fortune? Cool, but first, grab some motivation!

Why Build an Android App for Magento

mCommerce Growth in the USA

Before you start developing a Magento store Android app, let’s bring some facts to the table.

  • From 2020 to 2021, retail mCommerce sales showed a clear 15% rise, generating over $359bn, and this number is expected to double by 2025.
  • The US remains the leader in the global mCommerce market, listing over 167m users in 2020, which constitutes 60% of the population.
  • In the US, 41% of online buyers confirm their order of products through a phone regularly — daily or weekly. Here, the most used 2021’s shopping app was Walmart, followed by Amazon, SHEIN, and eBay.
  • Smartphone usage in the UK demonstrates the overwhelming scope: 93% of residents own one for their daily needs in 2022.
  • As for Europe, online shopping is flourishing the most in Italy, Spain, and Sweden. Even France, which wasn’t so active in this regard before the pandemic, shows a steady rise of interest — a 35% share of mobile buyers in June 2021;
  • The Android vs iOS competition still results in the unconditional victory of the former — 70% of supporters in 2022 over 28%.

Do you now feel the readiness of the global community to buy more often and more extensively online?

It’s high time to build a Magento Android application that will attract more customers thanks to better security, efficient performance, easier catalog management, a variety of reports, and other unique features. Get in touch with GOMAGE, and we’ll create a robust Android app for Magento store!

Best Ways to Build Android App Magento

Now when you’re pretty sure that eCommerce is currently a favorable environment for  creating a Magento mobile Android app, let’s discuss the optimal methods.

Native Android App Development

First things first, let’s recollect what a native app means. It’s software that provides a seamless user experience for the customers working on the Android OS. Usually, after the  native app is ready, you upload it to Google Play, wait for the review, and pivot to stay compliant with all the requirements during your app’s availability for installation.

With the in-built framework, you can go through the task of creating a native Magento app for Android on Java or Kotlin, adding all the necessary functions to it. The latter refers to the latest technologies as GPS or fingerprint authentication, which will take your online shoppers’ experience to a new level.

The only question is whether you can allow the high development cost to make this idea come true — think it over once again!

PWA Magento Android App

If you consider native app development a costly idea, then a PWA (Progressive Web App) is the right fit for you. It sacrifices neither the richness of the user interface nor the speed of responsiveness. Instead, it enables offline usability, cross-platform support, and content sharing. And what’s more, the PWA combines cutting-edge web and mobile technologies to reduce the development timeframe and price.

Hence, if you’re eager to create a single app working across all devices and operating systems, we recommend choosing a Magento PWA. By withdrawing the need to install the app on the phone, you give users the flexibility to enter your online service with any device and order products in split seconds.

Convenience is power in eCommerce, so play big to increase your audience’s engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Believe us, the sales metrics won’t get you frustrated!

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Why We Recommend Building a PWA instead of a Magento Android App

Hope that you’ve already caught yourself thinking that a PWA is way better and cost-efficient than a native Magento Android app. And now, let’s dig deeper into the details to sustain your impression!

  • High usability. The biggest advantage of Magento PWAs is their perfect conditions for using a service by all parts — merchants, sales specialists, and end-users. As each party is supplied with convenient and quickly-to-respond functionality, the ultimate rate of service usage goes high. For example, the UK clothes brand noticed a 31% increase in conversion and a twice reduced bounce rate after building the PWA.
  • Two-folded experience. Users can quickly access your eCommerce PWA through a browser (like any website) and get the experience of mobile applications. Thus, you create a unique user experience across all devices.
  • Unparalleled performance. Lightning-fast page loading speed is another reason for favoring PWAs. Nothing matters so critically as preventing your users from leaving the online store because of irritating waiting. For instance, the eCommerce company Rooted Objects lowered the page load speed by 25% and achieved a 162% raise in conversions.
  • More conversions. That’s the final result of building a Magento PWA, and a clear marker of your business growth. Because of the high responsiveness to users’ actions (given by PWA), Butcher of Blue raised their conversion rate by 169%.

Are you now more than ever interested in building the Magento PWAs? Add the development cost reduction up to five times and no need to spend money on two native apps (for different OS) in the equation, and you’re even more ready.

Create a single solution that will work perfectly across all platforms and devices! Get in touch with GOMAGE to discuss your project!

Android Magento App: Top PWA Solutions

Best Magento PWA Builders

How can you build a PWA without going bankrupt? The best solution is choosing a Magento PWA storefront. Let’s review some of the most popular solutions on the market to achieve better eCommerce results through the convenience and experience given to users.


This product results from GOMAGE’s dedicated efforts and enters the market with the idea of bringing flawless performance without compromising functionality.

The key benefits include:

  • Single focus on Magento
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Easy integrations
  • Conversion rates optimization
  • Documentation and tutorials for a quick start

How GOPWA by GoMage Helps eCommerce Clients

GOPWA is a feature-reach solution. You get a ton of features, such as fast checkout with social authentication, advanced filtering, built-in page builder with drag and drop capabilities, and much more. PayPal, Algolia, Trustpilot, Zendesk, MailerLite, Magefan Blog, Google Analytics, and many other integrations are provided out of the box and you can use them right away.

With our guidance and smooth execution, you’ll feel confident in creating your own Magento Android app, which is composed and tuned per your users’ needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.


It’s an open-source platform to develop an Android app for Magento with the help of:

  • Quick installation
  • Detailed documentation and video tutorials
  • Extensive roadmap

The solution suits different industries, supports A/B testing, and provides various additional features (mostly, paid extensions).

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Vue Storefront

It’s a library of UI components that turns into the means of creating eCommerce storefronts for mobile, desktop, and PWA.

The key features include:

  • Headless architecture
  • Performance optimisations
  • UI customization
  • 100% offline operation

Based on the API implementation and hosting, you can build, manage, and customize the user experience per a specific need.


It looks like a fresh solution to develop eCommerce PWAs with:

  • Diverse ready-to-go themes
  • Basic functionality is given
  • Easy synchronization
  • Free Page Builder for UI configuration

Suitable for simple and small-size PWA projects, Simicart is the best fit for those with little or no coding experience.


Compared to the other solutions in the market, Deity gives enough freedom for building your PWA with the desired ‘filling’ for you and your customers.

The key features include:

  • Rich inner documentation
  • Enterprise scale support
  • Flexibility over the front- and back-end
  • API integration

The supporters of a composable Commerce approach may find it interesting.

Best Way to Build a Magento Android App: Wrapping Up

You’ve probably thought that Magento Android development needs the profound engineering experience you lack, much time and investment. Now you realize that it’s not always the case.

With the Magento Android app technology, you can reduce money on development as well as get the ready-to-go mobile solution in weeks instead of months. Choose the reliable PWA storefront provider and pave your way to better customer experience, sales, and ROI!

Your entrance to mCommerce has never sounded so easy, right? Get in touch with GOMAGE for PWA development!

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    Can I turn my Magento store into a mobile app?

    The creation of the Android app Magento is less complicated than it looks. You may choose from two options — native app and PWA development. For the latter, use ready-made solutions, such as GOPWA, a PWA storefront built by one of the leading Magento development companies.

    What are the key benefits of building a PWA?

    In short, your end-users will be provided with easier catalog management, in-built tips, and better security standards. With the efficient functionality in their pockets, they’ll be motivated to purchase more and respond to your brand with trust and loyalty. As a result, you’ll be able to reach better sales indices, scale your business, and grow it further.

    What is Magento PWA?

    It can be described as the toolkit for developers and designers to create, control, and maintain the storefront for a better user experience. With the in-built libraries and tools, you can create a working solution to meet your business and marketing needs.

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