Magento 2 Training: Understanding Fundamental Changes


Depending on the purpose we can analyze Magento 2 training in different ways. The merchant who is interested in successful online store business may not understand all of the technical tips and consider the platform more globally.

However, for a developer who is responsible for integration or development of a new extension, the view from the general to the particular elements is more acceptable. It is extremely useful to analyze how the custom code or an extension can be integrated with the existing components of Magento ® framework. Let us review some Magento ® 2 aspects from both points of view.

Magento 2 Training For New Platform

  • Using WEB APIs for managing content management system (CMS);
  • Easier customization of Magento ® catalog search;
  • Improvement of MySQL search;
  • Improved private content caching and validation in a browser.


New functionality presented in Magento ® 2

All improvements in Magento ® Admin panel are based on user experience that is why touch-friendly and more contemporary design with enhanced usability have been implemented. Moreover, Magento ® 2 is fully optimized for tablet devices with touchable improvement, drag and drop functionality, elimination of hover states and possibility to use configurable columns for more convenient operation. The navigation is designed for modern screen aspect ratios and gives more space for content.

Before making their purchase, customers search for the information in the online store and they have to deal with data grids a lot. In Magento ® 2 the new improved data grids have been added to sales, products and CMS areas. So the customers can easily search using keywords, enhanced filter panel for flexible filtering of search results, and configure drag and drop column for their convenience.

Modern admin tool provides configurable admin tables. You can select any columns you need in the grid view - from a default set to a custom one. And after this is done you can save this view and switch it off when you do not need it. Product creation flow has a lot of improvements in Magento ® 2.


You can create a product with variations by size, color or some other attributes, and you can add as many product’s attributes and options as you need. When you are going through the configurable product creation you can use sub-process wizards and take advantage of the bulk editing of price, images, and inventory. In other words, with this process, all variations of products are created automatically.


Checkout Improvements

In Magento ® 2 guest checkout is possible and users do not have to provide much information when they need to check out quickly. Registered customers are automatically identified by e-mail even if they choose to proceed as a guest. It is possible to preview the images of the products which are available in the checkout area. Getting shipping rates is immediate when all of the necessary information is provided. Also, the customers do not need to enter their billing information for those payments methods which do not require that.


Product Import/Export Improvements

In Magento ® 2 export/import file format has been simplified and is now more convenient to work with. Updating cross-sell, up-sell and related products with multiple values per SKU is supported. Multiple images can be imported from both local and external storages, and multiple custom options can be imported in a single row. Also, the import of configurable products and prices has been simplified. Performance of Import/Export is also improved in Magento ® 2. You can import 100K records within 25 minutes on a regular server configuration.


Product Attribute Swatches. In Magento ® 2 the attributes can be shown on storefront as image, color and text swatches. The product shows an image of the selected variation in the product listing and on the product details page. It is easy to switch from drop-down input type to swatches and vice-versa.


In visual merchandising, drag and drop functionality helps in manual sorting. Smart category is assigned according to the rules created by the merchant, and automatically sorts products on category pages to display the best sellers, the highest Margin Products, and the Newest Products at the top of the page. It is also possible to sort products on category pages by color. Sorting rules are dynamically updated as new products are added or removed.

Performance Improvements and Other Technical Details

Performance & Scalability Improvements:

  • Server-side: Varnish 4 support, compatibility with HHVM, layout performance;
  • Client-side: static content caching in a browser, reduced JS code, effective image compression.


Scalability (enterprise) – Steps Made to Increase Scalability:

  • Standalone DB for OMS & check out;
  • Compatibility with MySQL cluster;
  • Catalog DB separation admin & other;
  • Complete separation of sub-systems.


Vast improvements in Performance:

  • Catalog End-to-End Performance over 50% reduction on the first view;
  • Operations with Cart (End-to-End) over 50% reduction on average.


Magento ® 2 Scalability (catalog):

  • Without Varnish, 200k pageviews/hour;
  • With Varnish, 10m page views/hour;
  • 1.5m simple products;
  • 5k categories;
  • 150k configurable.


Magento ® 2 Scalability (checkout):

  • Magento ® CE 50k order per hour;
  • Magento ® EE 90k orders per hour;
  • 300+ concurrent users on order;
  • Magento ® 2 scalability: Backend;
  • Concurrent users 300 order management (Enterprise);
  • Concurrent users 50+ product management with deferred product update;
  • Concurrent users 25+ product management with immediate product update (Enterprise).


New Magento ® Connect:

  • Easier to upload, sell and search for developers;
  • Improved search and quality;
  • Automated scans for plagiarism, code safety, vulnerabilities and coding standards.


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