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Ideas for Valentine's Day. How to Increase Sales in Online Store


New Year holidays are over and it's time to start preparing for the next winter holiday - Valentine's Day. On this romantic day, people give each other Valentine’s postcards, souvenirs, or just small gifts. During the recent years, Valentine’s congratulations took a variety of forms, which opens many opportunities for e-commerce. Here we will share some ideas on how you can diversify Valentine’s Day and increase your sales.

To whom greetings are addressed

Of course, Valentine's Day is a holiday of love, and people buy gifts to their spouse. In fact, on Valentine's Day people also prefer to express their admiration, friendship, and good relationship, so the target audience of gifts has expanded considerably.

Gifts to business colleagues

This year Valentine's Day is on Tuesday and this is a good chance to diversify the office life and present souvenirs to co-workers. Many HR managers will be looking for gifts as well as the employees who like to exchange gifts with their friends.


Gifts to loved pets

This may seem strange, but on Valentine's Day many people are spending money on pets. This is also a way to express feelings and emotions, and for you - another source of ideas that can be used for marketing campaigns.


Gifts to a spouse and family

People who are in love will be the most active this day and usually online stores focus on this target audience. We can recommend not to forget about family presents. Love and gratitude feelings are close, and sometimes people make presents to parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and so on. So, thinking in this direction, you can find many ideas what to offer your online store users.


How to be well prepared

Plan all your marketing campaigns in advance

Most purchases are made on the eve of Valentine's Day, but search for ideas usually starts 2-3 weeks before the holiday. Therefore, it is better to begin informing about your future promotions in advance. These are channels you may use: unobtrusive banner advertising, email marketing, social media, and others.

Plan the range of products carefully

Target audiences that we have considered above are quite different. Create special offers for different users, not just for those who are in love.

But, as you know, the best gift is a gift that you are making yourself and that is why personalized t-shirt is a great gift for Valentine's Day. And luckily, GoMage has a Magento extension that allows your customers to design t-shirts themselves and to purchase those custom designed t-shirts on your website – Magento T-shirts and Product Designer. It allows users to add their images or text and create unique products with individual design. Often GoMage Product Designer is used for T-shirts, and we have a lot of clients – Magento online store owners - who implement this extension before this romantic holiday.

Of course, the expansion of the product range must be in line with the main direction of store operations and should be rational.

Blog about your gift ideas

Selecting a gift is quite difficult task, and so any good ideas always attract attention of users. You can publish articles with recommendations and inform about discounts and offers.

Decorate your online store

The most obvious idea is to decorate the store with hearts. But try to be more creative. In any case, the design update works well and attracts users. It gives them a signal that the store is alive and there is something new in it. This is a reason not to leave the store quickly.

The last tip we can give is to put your positive emotions when you develop all your marketing activities. Valentine's Day is the holiday of love, but love in a broad sense. Think about this and have a nice Valentine's selling!