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How GoMage & DigitalOcean Can Help eCommerce in 2021

Dec 22, 2020 1 min read 666 views
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How GoMage and DigitalOcean Services can help you grow in 2021 eCommerce strategy

Together with our partners from DigitalOcean we recorded a webinar and discussed how we can help eCommerce stores in 2021.

If you are more interested in video content, you can jump right to it.

Yuriy Protsiuk, Product Owner at GoMage together with Austin Black, Solutions Engineer at DigitalOcean, talked about the future of eCommerce, why GoMage chooses to work with DigitalOcean and what benefits Progressive Web Application can bring to an eCommerce store.

You can also find out what’s waiting for you inside the video and learn what the speakers talked about during the webinar in the keynotes below.

DigitalOcean Overview

Digital Ocean is the number one cloud for developing modern applications. The company dedicated a lot of time to make the developers’ experience with the platform smooth and simple. Founded in 2021, the company now has a global presence with 13 data centers in 8 global markets.

The company provides a number of services:

  • developer support to all customers
  • migration and architecture guidance
  • business support

Challenges of 2020 for eCommerce

2020 was the year of many changes and adjustments. Web traffic increased by two, three and even ten times for some merchants. Turns out, many of them were not prepared for such changes, so were losing sales for multiple reasons: slow website perfomance, crushing under load problem or network congestions.

Why GoMage Chooses Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean is our reliable partner for more than four years. GoMage came across this hosting service provider when we were looking for a reliable and cost-efficient alternative for Amazon AWS.

Today, a lot of our clients rely on DigitalOcean because the company provides auto-scaling, reliability, and high performance. Our development team knows that no matter what the load is, our client’s website will withstand it. Coupled by DigitalOcean services, we deliver great results.

The Benefits of DigitalOcean and Magento for eCommerce

Progressive Web Applications – Key Trend of 2021

Progressive Web Application is the technology that will drive the eCommerce world in years to come. During the biggest Magento tech conference in the world — MageConf’20 — we had a separate track dedicated to PWA exclusively. This proves that PWAs are becoming more and more incorporated into the Magento 2 infrastructure.

GoMage PWA Storefront

GoMage aims to provide the latest technology to the eCommerce world. And the new PWA solution is currently gaining popularity among retailers. The development approach based on the use of the official PWA Studio by Magento offers a number of benefits for merchants. This includes a full compatibility with Magento and all of its future updates. Merchants can easily add a PWA storefront to their existing Magento 2 websites thanks to GoMage PWA Storefront.

Unique Features of GoMage PWA Storefront

Aside from standard features provided by Magento PWA Studio, our team enhanced GoMage PWA Storefront with a number of unique features. One of them is Page Builder. Thanks to this feature merchants can build a PWA storefront without any technical knowledge by dragging and dropping different blocks to PWA pages.

In the next years to come, Magento PWA will be only gaining momentum.

Check the video to keep up with the latest technology in the world of eCommerce.

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