Creating Polls: How to Engage Visitors With Surveys

Polls are used as a powerful marketing tool. They help to determine the level of demand for a specific product category and customers’ feedbacks on specific products.

The advantages of polls are that they do not take much space and are highly informative. The developers for Magento ® have included this option into the basic Magento ® package. So, you do not need to install any specific extensions in order to learn users’ opinion about your products.

In order to enable your creating polls ability you need to go to System – Configuration – Additional settings and enable the poll module. This option is usually enabled by default. Save the changes and then go to CMS – Poll manager in order to create a new poll.

Click ‘Add new poll’ button. The question will be visible in the top of the external site interface. When you create a poll it is set to the status ‘Open’ automatically. If you need to remove the poll, set the status to ‘closed’. The multi-select menu will help you to choose which site pages the poll will be visible on.

Click the button ‘Add new answers’ and you will see the field in which the answer variants should be entered. All users can see how many people voted for each variant. Every new answer should be created using ‘Add new answer’ button.

There is a small trick for arranging a new poll. If you enable ‘Vote count’ option you will be able to influence the poll results and change them. When a user clicks on the necessary answer the number will increase automatically. You can also view the results in the admin panel.

Magento ® functionality allows the creation of several polls. In this case, they will be displayed on the site in random order.

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