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New Video: Should Magento Worry About Its Future?

Apr 5, 2021
2 min read
News reporter talking about what can affect the Magento industry

A lot of news are circulating in the eCommerce industry. We’ve hand-picked some of the hottest updates that will impact the work of Magento stores.

Check the video to learn why top eCommerce platforms might need to worry about their future, how Microsoft is adopting PWA and what new shipping opportunities are at the fingertips of Magento merchants:

Amazon Buying Selz

Magento, Shopify, and other eCommerce platforms might need to worry about their future. It seems that a new rival is on its way.

Amazon bought Selz, an eCommerce platform that helped small retail businesses open online stores. While the retail giant decided to stay quiet about its new acquisition, Selz shared the news in the blog post, saying nothing will change for its current clients. However, you can’t sign up with Selz anymore.

At least, for now.

We should note that Amazon used to have its own eCommerce platform – Webstore. It aimed to provide small businesses with a way to set up an online store quickly. However, the giant killed it in 2016 for no apparent reason.

Turns out, the company decided to step into the same shoes again. The final plans regarding the new acquisition remain secret.

New Fulfillment Service for Magento

Adobe announced a new partnership with Easyship, one of the leading multi-carrier shipping platforms.

Last year clearly showed that merchants were exploring new sales channels and expanding into new or emerging markets. Adobe and Easyship recognize the ever-growing demand for a convenient way to fulfill international deliveries.

The two companies partnered to provide Magento merchants with a turnkey, scalable global shipping solution.

Thanks to the newly formed partnership, Magento merchants will access 15 shipping solutions in 35 countries worldwide with over 250 pre-negotiated discounted rates. Easyship has automated custom paperwork for cross-border shipments, advanced shipping rules configurations, and much more.

As a result, Magento store owners can now explore new markets and deliver products worldwide at affordable costs.

The one limitation is that Adobe only plans to add Easyship support for Magento Commerce. There is no information about the same plans for the free version of the platform – Magento Open Source.

Microsoft Adopts PWA

While some eCommerce businesses are not quick to adopt progressive web applications, the leading tech companies are actively going for it!

Microsoft will join Google, Adobe, Alibaba, and other brands that are already enjoying PWA’s benefits. The company will turn its Teams solution into a PWA.

This way, Microsoft hopes to make the video conferencing tool more accessible across lower-end devices since PWAs don’t overload smartphones. The new solution will also offer quicker loading, performance as well as other upgrades.

GoMage PWA Storefront Beta

Our PWA team released a new beta version of GoMage PWA Storefront. And we couldn’t not but spy on what’s happening in our secret PWA lab.

After the new update rolls out, you will get access to a one-click installer for PWA extensions. You will be able to install Magento extensions compatible with PWA in one single click!

Our team has also added a few new integrations. One of them is Klevu, an artificial intelligence site search solution, and Mailerlite, an email marketing platform. They will join the list of the supported integrations after the new release. We will be continually adding new external services and integrations necessary for eCommerce operations with each new update.

The new version of our PWA storefront also works on the latest version of Magento PWA Studio. What’s cool about it, is that GoMage PWA Storefront gets a green score on Google PageSpeed Insights, which really fits the bill in light of the new Page Experience SEO update, taking action in May 2021.

Stay tuned, and see you in one month with a roundup of Magento news from April!

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