Versioning strategy

Rules for incrementing the version

PWA Studio follows Semantic Versioning rules when incrementing the version for each release.

According to the Semantic Versioning specifications, given the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH version number format:

  • MAJOR version increases happen when there are changes to the public API.
  • MINOR version increases happen when functionality is added while preserving backwards compatibility.
  • PATCH version increases happen for backwards-compatible bug fixes.

See Semantic Versioning documentation for specific details about the type of changes allowed within each version.

Public API

PWA Studio considers the following to be part of its public API:

Published Venia and Peregrine components

Venia and Peregrine make their components available through their index.js files. Any component exported through this file is considered public API.

Sub-components can be found inside component directories. These components are not part of the public API unless they are exported in the component’s index.js file.

Component props

React components use props as input data to define how they look and behave.

Since props affect how a component renders or acts, the props used by published PWA Studio components are considered public API.