GoMage ProCart for Magento ®

GoMage ProCart – Fast and Convenient Magento Ajax Cart for Your Store

GoMage ProCart is a Shopping Cart Magento extension that allows end-users to add products to the shopping cart and edit data in it without reloading the page. During the decision-making process, your customers can change item quantity, switch item options, add Wishlist products or delete what they decide not to buy. GoMage ProCart allows all of these changes to be made without reloading the page, which is convenient for visitors and saves time. Visual effects can be enabled to make product additions to cart more exciting, and the extension design can be adjusted to match the design of your store. By simplifying product addition to the shopping cart in your Magento ® store, the GoMage ProCart extension increases conversion rates and sales. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your Magento ® store.
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No Page Reloading Needed
The Ajax functionality of GoMage ProCart allows updating any shopping cart information without reloading the whole page. Your customers can change quantity, switch product options, remove products, and use “Compare Products” or “My Wishlist” functions on the shopping cart page or in the sidebar cart, all without reloading. This means less time spent adjusting orders and more time spent buying products.
Enable/Disable Shopping Cart
The Shopping cart page can be disabled if you wish the customers to be redirected to the checkout page when they press the “Add to cart” button.
Change Quantity with just One Click
The quantity of products can be changed by direct input of the number or using buttons/arrows to add or subtract product items. One click on the arrow - one item is added or removed correspondingly. The design of the buttons can be customized on the backend. The quantity can be changed on the category pages, product pages, in the pop-up window, in the sidebar cart block, and on the shopping cart page.
Multi-store and Multi-language Store Supported
The extension can be used for multiple stores and store views within the same instance of Magento ®. All languages available in Magento ® are supported by the ProCart extension and translation is fully automatic.
Customizable Confirmation Window
Confirmation pop-up window that appears when a customer adds a product to the cart can be enabled or disabled. Auto-hide time for this window can be configured on the backend. The text for all options in the pop-up can be set and modified in the extension settings.

Installation & Integration

Easy Installation
All you need to do is upload the extension files to the server by FTP. Activate the extension, configure all options, and it is ready to use.
Fully Compatible with GoMage Sales and Deals
GoMage Sales and Deals extension is a countdown timer that can be configured to display the time remaining till the end of the most profitable deals or sales in your store. This extension can be used with GoMage ProCart if you wish to display the shopping cart block in the sales/deals window and allow product additions and quantity changes through Ajax.
Easy Customization
The functionality and design of GoMage ProCart can be extended due to its flexibility and open-source code. The extension can be modified in case any compatibility issues with third-party software occur. Our development team offers additional customization services for the ProCart extension.
13 reviews
Excellent after support and integration with magneto 1.7
by alexlimhl - 9/9/2013
I must say this product Procart from Gomage works well with magneto . After support is great, replies was prompt and Elena has been very helpful and provided her fullest support to assist me with the installation. Thumbs up for GoMage and the team.
Excellent Support
by lthames - 7/9/2013
We are implementing this extension for a client into a site that uses a 3rd party responsive custom theme and several other extensions . . . . all that affect the shopping cart and checkout processes.
We ran into a couple of issues getting the extension to work and even though the issues were actually in the custom theme, GoMage fixed them for us. They offered to do the work for free but since it wasn't their product with the problem I happily paid them for their time.
It can be very frustrating when you deal with conflicts between extensions so I can't tell you how relieved I was that they were happy to help us regardless of WHERE the issue was found!
Thanks so much!
A+ Product, A+ Service
by michaelclassic - 6/11/2013
They really know what the customer wants. This extension had everything we were looking for as well as the support.
We had some other issues and they were able to help fix them.
When you call or email them ask for Yuriy he is the best. He understands what customer service really is.
Does exactly what it says
by palmerin - 5/22/2013
This extensions works perfectly fine right out of the box. I had a minor issue and it was resolved by their support team in a timely manner. I recommend this product.
Great Module, Excelent support
by andreidragomir - 4/26/2013
Works as described, had a little issue but support was spot on and helped me resolve it!
A fantastic mod and outstanding support
by FoodBeveregas - 3/2/2013
A fantastic mod and outstanding support.
I recommend this and any others that gomage has built mainly due to the brilliant service.
Installed in less than a few minutes!
by Dickinson436 - 2/13/2013
Installed in less than a few minutes! Yuriy smithy is fantastic for support as usual, I would place him among the top developers on here, if not the top!
The demo speaks for itself anyway, lots of hard work has gone into this!
Great Support
by PositionMySite - 8/22/2012
Well I purchased the app and had a little problem with my temp www2 address and the key, support got me a temp developer key and installation was done in a matter of moments. Great Support, and this product does exactly what it says it does. Could not ask for anything more. Thank you!
Brilliant extension
by tonyg1 - 7/18/2012
Brilliant extension and works well on a custom theme. Only had a couple of issues and they offered full support to resolve these in a short space of time.

Cheers GoMage Team!!
Trust this company
by federicobianco - 4/18/2012
great extension, worth much more than you pay.
applause to the great support, which has worked extensively with a number of customizations at a price acceptable
Trust this company.
Trust for their support
Great Support
by PositionMySite - 4/9/2012
Well I purchased the app and had a little problem with my temp www2 address and the key, support got me a temp developer key and installation was done in a matter of moments. Great Support, and this product does exactly what it says it does. Could not ask for anything more. Thank you!
Extension works perfectly
by JimmyZ21 - 11/25/2011
Extension works perfectly. You cannot beat the features for the money. The support is excellent. I've worked with many Magento developers, and GoMage ranks at the top of the list. They were able to integrate my other extensions with ProCart at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend GoMage extensions!
Thank you for this great ajax cart extension
by signufo - 10/12/2011
Thank you for this great ajax cart extensin. I've installed it and it works. I wana to add more stores in the nearest future.
  • 2.2.0 November 29, 2016
    • Full compatibility with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 and Magento ® CE;
    • Full compatibility with PHP 7;
    • Added Mini-Cart;
    • Full compatibility with Ultimo - Responsive Theme for Magento ®;
    • Fixed a bug in RWD theme;
    • Full compatibility with Configurable Swatches;
    • Fixed bug with Ajax hanging.
  • 2.1 May 30, 2014
    • Full compatibility with Magento ® Community Edition 1.9 & Enterprise Edition 1.14
    • Fixed bug with the Grand Total
    • Fixed bug with the 'Change Qty on Product Page' option
    • Fixed minor bug in Internet Explorer 8
  • 2.0 July 5, 2013
    • Optimized JavaScript
    • iPad full support
    • New improved features is compatible with GoMage LightCheckout extension
    • New improved features is compatible with GoMage Advanced Navigation extension
    • Compatible with Ultimento themes
    • New improved functional is compatible with SweetTooth extension
    • Redeveloped design customization
    • Ability to see the price for the size parameter on the Shopping cart page
    • Fixed bug with Related products block
    • Fixed bug with Cross-sell products block
    • Fixed bug with My Cart block after changing the product quantity in the cart
    • Fixed bug with buttons/arrows in the upsell products block
    • Fixed bug with removing a product from the cart
    • Fixed bug with increasing the quantity in the cart
    • Fixed bug with the Configurable products in Cross-sell products block
    • Fixed bug with Bundle products
    • Fixed bug with the Downloadable products
    • Fixed bug with the Bundle products in the Cross-sell products block
    • Fixed bug with fractional quantity increments
    • Fixed bug with the size/color parameters order on the Shopping cart page
    • Fixed bug with the quantity while choosing parameter in the Upsell products block
    • Fixed bug with the displayed quantity
    • Fixed bug with decreasing the product quantity while product editing
    • Fixed bug with loader while adding Grouped products
    • Fixed bug with the WishList after increasing the quantity in the cart
    • Fixed bug with the WishList link
    • Fixed bug with adding products to WishList on the Shopping cart page
  • 1.3 Sep 12, 2012
    • Supported Magento ® Community Edition 1.7.x.x
    • Supported Magento ® Enterprise Edition 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
    • Supported Full Page Cache
    • Supported Gift Cards
    • Redeveloped Button Views
    • Redeveloped Images to Color Selection
    • Added 2 New Button Views
    • Added "Change Qty in Pop-up Window" Option
    • Fixed update of "Proceed to Checkout" button for min/max quantity
    • Fixed Quantity Increments
  • 1.2 Nov 16, 2011
    • Added Show Qty Box on Category Page option
    • Fixed bug with reviews on product page
  • 1.1 Oct 21, 2011
    • Supported Magento ® and
    • Supported Internet Explorer 9
    • Added arrows for Grouped Products on the product page
    • Added ability to use the extension on the search page
    • Fixed arrows for listing mode
    • Fixed bug with Backorders