Promo Ads & Your Magento ® Extensions: How to Increase ROI

opportunities. Let us review which GoMage modules will help you to configure Ads and Promo extensions for Magento ®.

General information about the Promo Ads Gomage Extension

All modules capable of advertising products can be conventionally divided into internal and external.

Internal modules are those that represent the products directly on your store's website, these may be separate blocks, sliders, creeping lines, etc.

External modules export the products into the shopping market web platforms, social networks, etc. Each of these modules is necessary for the successful promotion of your store and its products online.

We will now review the functions of these modules for Magento ® in detail.

Internal modules

The GoMage Slider is unique in its designed extension abilities.  It is used to create a striking representation of your products on your web store pages. There are several variants of slider output, speed configuration, etc. Also, you can add a unique product description that will attract your customers’ attention.

One of the wonderful Slider functions is the configuration of the associated slides order. Usually, such extensions work on a simple principle: the products published earlier appear first in the slideshow. In the opinion of marketing analysts, this is not quite correct. It is sometimes necessary to promote specific products, e.g. those that have been on sale too long, and here our Slider is ready to help. You can configure everything: slide parameters, speed, scrolling, inscriptions on images, the order of their appearance.

GoMage Sales and Deals extension is a fast way to inform your customers about new offerings or sales in your store. Using this extension you can configure the time of the sales offers, set up the output of the number of products remaining in stock. This extension is perfectly compatible with the Magento ® platform and other GoMage extensions.

GoMage Ads and Promo extension is another module that allows displaying of an advertisement on any page of the store and in any part of the page you like. The most important features are the ability to configure any blocks, select their size; the extension supports all kinds of desktop computers and mobile devices, you can set up the parameters of the product output, edit the display principle using the intuitive menu of the extension.

External modules

The external modules include the following:

GoMage Social Connector is one of the most important extensions for web store promotions. It is used to give clients the ability to access their store account or register in the store's system through their social network account. This extension also allows your clients to tell their friends about the products they like, and so, create a free advertisement of the product on their social network pages in microblogging systems.

GoMage Feed Pro is the extension for Magento ®, it is irreplaceable for exporting products to such worldwide known shopping systems as Google Base, Amazon, eBay, etc. This module is able to export products according to the parameters you configure, and the shopping systems will promote your products and your store.

If you would like to install any of the extensions listed above, please feel free to contact GoMage experts by leaving a comment to this article.

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