Magento Store Manager: Launch, Maintain, Support & Bill

This article targets the ideas behind what you need from a Magento store manager for your Magento site to rise above your peers and competition.

If those who you have selected for your Magento project are the same people who will be building your store, then there are key components to your success which go beyond choosing themes, design attributes, and layout considerations.

They are launch, maintain, support, bill.

Let’s review each of these topics to uncover the details related to the success of your project.

Launching Your Magento Store Solution

Magento Store Manager - Store Launch

Nowadays, there are more than 250 thousand web resources for eCommerce that are built with Magento. This CMS system gives business owners the full range of opportunities to launch a professional project for online sales.

Building an eCommerce website with Magento is not a simple task. That’s why professionals should be entrusted with this task. In order to understand the process of Magento store launching, we would like to demonstrate to you the main steps of it.

Step 1. Download the latest Magento update.

It is important to use the latest Magento release to get all the necessary functions and services. After the platform installation, it goes to the local settings management. The next point is database creation. You may do that with MySQL database and synchronize it with Magento. Enter the localhost if the database server is located on the same host. Now you need to create an admin account and pick up the brand domain name. Remember that your domain name should be unique, simple, and catchy.

Step 2. Install extensions

It might be no required design, business, or development functions that you need to implement in your online store. At this stage, the appropriate Magento commerce extensions and software come to the rescue.

We at GoMage understand that choosing the best extension for your project can become daunting because of how many options are available on the market today. Because of this we recommend opting for only those that will truly make a difference to your project's success.

These are the most popular GoMage Magento commerce extensions we would like to recommend:

  • Feed Pro 4. With this extension, you can integrate sales at a much more robust level across all shopping platforms. The functionality brings to the table allows you to tailor-make your viewers' experience from A – Z.
  • Product Designer. Customized personalization enhances your site's ability to generate sales. Your ability to offer unique design solutions may be closer than you think when you allow the creation of your audience to reign supreme.
  • Lightcheckout. Brings the ease of one-step checkouts to the forefront of your user experience making their entire process much easier to navigate. Making the purchasing process of your customers painless increases the possibility of more sales with less confusion and frustration.

Making sure you have the right extensions for what you need to get done with your Magento eCommerce solution is a critical part of the overall success strategy you are targeting.

Step 3. Designing the store

Choose a design template for your web store or hire professionals web designers to create a unique one specifically for you. The website design must be attractive and catchy not to leave your potential customers indifferent.

Step 4. Create product categories

Think about categories and subcategories which are an integral part of any online store. They help your customers find the needed way to goods they are looking for.  You can expect to experience no difficulties in managing product categories and subcategories in Magento.

Step 5. Choose shipping & payment methods

Decide on the shipping methods. You can choose between simple and multi shipping, fix the conditions of free shipping, table rates, or flat rates.

Integrate payment methods. They should be perfectly combined, comfortable, and secure for customers to really like your online store.

Step 6. Launch the store

Test your online store. Check if all the links, buttons, images, etc. work properly.

What to Do After My Magento Store Goes Live

Store Manager for Magento - Processes Optimization

You’ve gone to all the effort of making sure that your store is set up exactly how you need it to be as well as how your viewers want it to be. From customized theme inclusions to layout, design, and beyond it is perfect. Now that it is live, you have nothing else to worry about. Just let your new store generate the desired sales while you take care of the other aspects of your business.

That’s how it works, right? 

Not exactly. Doing your utmost to deliver a perfect product to the market is a huge benefit to you, your audience, and the corresponding sales. However, if that isn’t backed up by a solid gold maintenance strategy you remain on the losing end of your success.

So, what do you do?

You bring the services of GoMage onto our team where you will find us focusing on Magento maintenance details like:

Cleaning Database Files Regularly

There is a variety of core responsibilities, such as cleaning log files that will enable your Magento store to remain fully functional. The more you do create the streamlined synergy of your eCommerce solution, the greater the possibility that your audience will continue to vote for your success with their wallets.

Keeping Pace with SEO Standards

One of the major things that you can rely on within the world of online marketing is that things are constantly changing.  This, of course, is certainly true about the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Therefore, you should ensure that your entire project remains 100% on track with the latest requirements from Google and other search engine providers. This may mean a need to change things up from time to time.

An example of this being the case would be when Google stopped focusing on meta keywords.  Many eCommerce store owners continued feeling their metadata keyword section with content that would now get them in trouble instead of bringing the associated value they desired.

It is important to make sure that an online Magento eCommerce store solution remains at the leading edge of search engine algorithms to secure the best rankings possible both today and in the future.

Ensuring Consistent Store Stability

Many factors can go into this piece of the puzzle.

When was the last time you checked to ensure that your store had not been hacked? Are people making updates live instead of using test platforms and moving to production once everything is confirmed to be working correctly? Is there some code concerns that slow down production within your Magento store solution?

Ensuring that updates are made correctly can go a long way in solidifying the stability of your Magento store.  Not doing so can mean the difference between a product that produces an abundance of value for your bottom line ROI and one that fails to deliver any results.

A Perfect Product Without Proper Support Fails to Deliver

Store Manager Magento - Order Processing

We’ve all seen many good products come to market only to be disappointed at the level of support that came with their release.  It has been said that a product is only as good as the support provided with it. We at GoMage believe this to be true.

So, what does this mean for your eCommerce store solution?

After all, what could go wrong with the order taking process once everything has been confirmed to be working correctly? Plenty. And some issues might have absolutely nothing to do with your actual store itself.

You are offering your item in green or blue and someone contacts you to find out if the possibility of purple is available. If it takes more than a few hours to receive a response from you, it is quite likely that you will lose your customer. However, if within 30 minutes they have an informative answer, you increase the possibility of making your sale. This may even be true if they receive an undesired answer like purple not being an available color option. When your potential buyer sees how serious you are about their order, you increase the possibility of generating additional sales simply because of the synergy created.

The 9 avenues to better support solution that turn visiting viewers into loyal buyers are as following:

  1. Timely email communication
  2. Interactive social media
  3. Live chat availability
  4. Helpdesk support solutions
  5. Offer phone support
  6. Informative knowledge base
  7. Share topical FAQs
  8. Disclose return policy
  9. Honor warranty commitments

We recommend including as many of the above within the support of your eCommerce store as possible.  Know of a way of support that hasn’t been mentioned above? Please share your ideas in the comments below to help all store owners increase their ability to serve their own clients and customers.

Offering Versatile Payment Arrangements

Today, many people use PayPal, so you definitely want to include that as an option for your payment gateway. However, some choose not to operate on this platform. Not providing alternative solutions for their purchasing power is a sure way to lose sales.

While keeping everything seamlessly simple, you need to provide customers with different options. In fact, the more payment methods you offer, the greater the possibility that you will reap rich rewards from the same.

Here are 12 more options to consider as it relates to payment opportunities for your eCommerce customers.

  1. Debit card
  2. Google Wallet
  3. Dwolla
  4. Amazon Payments
  5. Intuit PaymentNetwork
  6. Trade-in (Amazon buys back certain products, for example)
  7. net
  8. 2Checkout
  9. BluePay
  10. PaySimple
  11. Stripe
  12. Masterpass

The bottom line here is the more opportunities that you provide for your visitors to become buyers, the greater the possibility that they will do exactly that.

Concluding Thoughts on Launching, Maintaining, Supporting & Billing

You should be fully committed to what you do. The use of the techniques described above will help you achieve the needed results and converting more customers.

Interested in knowing how to build a Magento eCommerce store and what it could take to make it successful? 

Our team is ready to consult you regarding the detailed development process and how to get your project started.

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