Magento Slider: Why It's Important to Your Ecommerce Store

Any shop has a storefront designed to attract customers’ attention. Web stores use the slider for the same purpose. Let us review the advantages of the GoMage Slider extension.

Why we need a Magento slider

The main purpose of a store owner is to sell a product. In order to achieve this purpose faster, it is necessary to represent the product in the most effective way, underline its quality, make it attractive for customers. In order to do that for static categories usually, a lot of effort is required: presentation, banners on the main page, etc. Slider, in this case, plays a role of a moving banner. Once potential customers access the main page, they see the most interesting offers at once and this significantly increases the chances of making a good deal.

Slider features

GoMage Slider extension offers the following benefits:

  1. Flexible parameters configuration. It is very important to develop proper usability. If the slides are changing too fast the client will not have enough time to review the product, if they are too slow – they may not want to wait for one slide to finish and the next one to start. Using the extension for Magento ® developed by GoMage you will be able not only to configure the optimal time settings but also give your clients a possibility to skip an uninteresting product;
  2. Stylish design. This is another factor directly affecting buyers’ interest in your store. Quality developed moving banners will perfectly suit any site design;
  3. You may use text product descriptions as well as pictures. A customer will usually wish not only to see a picture of a product but also to learn its basic features. You may add and modify them according to your wish;
  4. Many standard themes for Magento ® have an inbuilt slider however, it can only be displayed in specific parts of the page and usually moves slides in one direction only, unlike GoMage Slider. This extension can change the way of a slider rotation output using both vertical and horizontal views, and other specific effects.
  5. As opposed to usual sliders, GoMage Slider module gives you a possibility to configure the order of the pictures: random, by product addition, by rate, etc.

If you have any questions regarding GoMage Slider functionality you may leave a comment on this article, and GoMage specialists will answer your questions.

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