eCommerce Mistakes: 7 Pitfalls for Magento Owners to Avoid

If you want to promote your store based on Magento ®, it is important to take into account many factors that influence directly on the traffic and popularity of the resource.

Let us consider 7 mistakes made by online store owners.

7 eCommerce Mistakes Magento ® Store Owners Make

1) Lack of Product Descriptions

Often administrators forget to describe their products. Basically, it is connected with small stores, for example where the souvenirs, gifts, knick-knackery are sold. Do not forget that the products description directly influences on the site promotion in Search Engines. Use the keywords and phrases, which bind the combinations of the words to the actions.

2) Manufacturer's Description

If your store is not the only one from a certain manufacturer, then it is necessary to change the product description. Often manufacturers do not make any effort to create individual descriptions for their partners. In order not to be added to the Search Engine filters, check all the unique materials.

3) Lack of the Product Overview

It is very bad if there is not a product overview on the store website. Pay attention to the fact that GoMage site has the demo sites for all the extensions and it is very comfortable in order to investigate what you are going to buy. This variant is appropriate for any kind of product. So, you need to place the product overview including video and pictures.

4) Ignoring of the Search Demand while Text Creation

If you want to promote your site in Search Engines, you need to fill in the description, title and short description data of a product. In order to be optimally ready for indexing, use keywords in the headers and create subheadings with a certain hierarchy if it is possible.

5) Non-unique Title

One of the most widespread issues of big trade platforms is the same title tags. Remember that each the same title is the direct way to Google filters which redirect such pages to Supplemental.

6) Lack of Speaking URL

They are also called understandable URL addresses. It's more intended for Search Engines, than for usability. It is more comfortable to look through the tabs with the products and index the pages if they are defined with the understandable words, and not with the collection of numbers.

7) Lots of duplicate content

In no case, you should not repeat the content because it is also an unpleasant factor for visitors. Many administrators of online stores think that a customer should enter the site and simply buy the necessary thing. But more than 80% of customers want to read about as much information as is possible. Please, do not forget to specify how your products differ from the competitors’ ones or the analogs on the site.

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