Magento Sales: What Your Ecommerce Store Is Lacking

You have been working hard for months, optimizing your site but you are still not getting million dollars of profit? Why are there no sales on your site based on Magento ®? We will try to figure out the reasons for such a lack of customers’ activity on your site.

Why Magento Sales Are Not Happening

There may be a lot of reasons: season drop of the demand for specific products (fur coats, heating engineering, agricultural tools), crisis situation (price growth, salary reduce), count on a non-required usability category, etc. But professional webmasters define three main reasons:

  • Customers do not need your products
  • Customers do not trust your store
  • Customers do not like the price

Let us look into each reason in detail.

1) People just do not need your product

Here the main problem is in the representation of a product. You need to be able to present your product in such a way that customers simply cannot help buying it. This is a real talent, the whole team of well-trained specialists should work on your sales system: marketing specialists, managers, consultants.

The basic thing is to let potential customers see your store. Every day all stores on the web are visited by ‘accidental visitors’ and purposeful future customers. The former just wander around while the latter ones come with a purpose to buy something.

In order to gain maximum profit from these two categories you need to follow 4 rules:

  • Fast
  • Cheap
  • Quality
  • Have a trump card

Remember that you have a lot of competitors who wait for your fail, do not let it happen. Why should a customer buy products particularly in your store? Maybe, because you have the best price, the fastest or free shipping, high quality. Besides, you offer gifts to every fifth customer of your store. In order for such system to work, you need to thoroughly monitor the demand and proposition on the market, evaluate your competitors.

2) Customers do not trust you

Customers do not trust sellers, it is an axiom. Everyone understands such hackneyed phrases as ‘highly qualified specialists’, ‘we will be happy’, ‘the best prices’, but if a web store does not use those phrases it does not mean that they sell bad products with the help of unprofessional shop assistants. The advertisement should be unobtrusive and inspiring, thus gaining customers’ trust in your store.

In order to get closer to your customers use such magic phrases as: ‘right now’, ‘product quantity is limited’.

There is a specific audience who better perceive the information as dry facts, so use more numbers and precise data.

There is also the audience who wish to delight others. This mostly works in the sphere of cosmetology and makeup. There is a popular cosmetics company whose famous motto still works despite all years that have passed from the moment it was created.

An example of what is wrong:

“We have the cheapest brick! We save your money!”

An example of what is right:

“In our store, you save 30% on each brick. Buy brick without middlemen, stop paying more!”

And after that, you may include a comparison table of brick prices.

Ideally, use infographics, it works perfectly for all sites and topics.

The description text should give confidence to potential customers. The site visitors must believe that they are making the right choice. Modesty is an enemy of good sales. Do not say that your product is unique if you know this is not true. But all the advantages of buying products from your store must be highlighted.

3) People do not like the price

We are not talking about damping. Each person has their own understanding of what is cheap and affordable. Someone earning $300 per month would buy shoes for $200, and the other one earning $1000 would save each penny and buy shoes for $50. This is even not a matter of ‘cheapness’. This is a matter of making a good deal. Everyone wants to win but it does not mean that they look for lower prices. People look for a profitable deal in the way they understand it.

You should not set too low price for a product, this makes 80% of customers to doubt and then refuse to buy the product. People are still affected by the type of marketing policy where higher price means better quality. You cannot ignore the fact that this system very often proves itself. So, do not drop the price too much.

Be positive and confident in your success. Everything depends on that: products description, sellers’ work. Give presents to your customers, offer creative contests, attract people - and then your sales will grow. Believe in yourself and your power.

If you have any thoughts or propositions regarding the lack of sales on a Magento ® site, you may contact GoMage specialists and discuss your questions with them.

Also, check the Modules for Magento ® which could help to increase sales on your Magento ® store.

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