Boost Sales: How GoMage Sales & Deals increase Online Profits

If you are launching your own web store to sell a line of items such as wristwatches, apparel, nutritional supplements or any other products, there is a need for you to invest your time in selecting a good shopping cart solution that comes with valuable extensions.

Making a choice of efficient shopping cart solutions is very important because every owner of an online store seeks increases in web traffic, growth in sales and overall improvements in net profits at the end of each accounting year. Therefore, select a powerful eCommerce content management application and extensions that assure of helping you deal with the most common problems of online retail stores. Choose open-source web store software such as Magento ® that allows advancements and improvements.

Magento ® has grown to be a reliable eCommerce platform that is being used by over 90,000 online merchants besides numerous small web store owners. Magento ® is open source software that can be customized to any business entity whether it is a small scale mom and pop local web store or a relatively large business organization that runs across many countries and languages. Magento ® has recorded almost 3 million downloads since it was launched about a decade ago because users and developers know that this eCommerce web application can be greatly exploited to meet specific needs. Whether it is about customizing templates or themes or the details of your products, Magento ® has the features that will help you configure your shopping cart, set up analytics to track and analyze your sales as well as generate reports and secure payment gateways for you.

Magento ® improves product browsing, catalog browsing, and product comparison. It gives customers the option to pay by credit card or PayPal or any other external payment system. The Magento ® eCommerce platform provides adequate marketing promotion for Magento ® online stores giving customers different but appropriate promotional options including coupons, discounts, and offers to buy any of your e-store products before the end of sale if you integrate the countdown timer in Magento ®.

Countdown extension for Magento ® is really unique because it helps you count backward and show your customers the time remaining for them to take advantage of your sales, promotions, discounts or even registration. The countdown timer is a countdown clock which you can also customize for your web store with specific features and programmed either to create some product deals or simply to display products on your web store for a given period of time. If you want to make your product promotions more engaging and incentive driven, the countdown extension for Magento ® such as GoMage Sales and Deals is the right application you need. GoMage Sales and Deals module comes as an eye-catching irresistible flash countdown for your daily deals or limited time deals programmed to help you motivate your customers to take action or buy more of your products. GoMage Sales and Deals works seamlessly with the shopping cart price rules as well as with catalog price rules of Magento ®.

Features of GoMage Sales and Deals

The basic features of GoMage Sales and Deals include the following:

  • It helps you advertise and increase sales of products of your online store by setting and displaying the countdown timer for a specific period.
  • It automatically starts the sales promotion for you targeting your specific customer groups.
  • It enables you to manage your product promotional periods from start to end dates.
  • It enables you to set and also calculate the number of products sold.
  • It allows you to hide deals that have expired without having to reload the page.
  • It allows you to display an unlimited number of deals.

How to Use GoMage Sales and Deals to Boost Sales

You can create an attractive countdown timer in just a couple of minutes using GoMage Sales and Deals. Place the timer at the home page of your web store and get it displayed on the specific product pages you are looking to promote and let your customers know when the specific product will be available for purchasing or downloading.

GoMage Sales and Deals will help you stimulate your customers to take action much better than what words or images could do as the timer runs out of time in reverse order and approaches zero before or after the specific product or event you are promoting is fast triggering. Just let your customers know about your web store special offers and you will be amazed at how it boosts your sales.

The pricing of GoMage Sales and Deals is quite reasonable and affordable and it comes with a 14-day money back guarantee and a free 12-months support and extension updates as an added value.

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