Magento Navigation: Key to Success of Your Online Business

Nowadays, there is an escalation of terrible competition among millions of online retail stores. Online shoppers now have numerous and varied options to select from when buying products or services online.

There is a level of sophistication involved that requires a robust and scalable solution which only Magento ® is able to provide. The functionality of your online store can increase sales for you or chase your potential customers away. That is the reason a new generation of PHP driven, Zen Cart built open source Magento ® provides rich features and extensions that make online shopping a pleasant experience and it takes the frustration out of your existing and potential customers. You need a superior eCommerce technology that Magento ® provides to be able to build and develop attractive and effective online stores that assure of huge sales and profits in a crowded and highly competitive online market.

Magento ® enables you to design, develop and build your web store within a short time interval and integrate it with an excellent shopping cart laden with advanced and user-friendly features. Magento ® has created a community of numerous users and developers which all work together with a synergy that enables information sharing, reporting of problems, and the provision of useful suggestions that have enabled many software developers to create open source extensions for Magento ® with much value added. One of such extensions is Navigation for Magento ® which offers your customers the benefit of easy browsing of the content of your web store.

Why Magento Navigation is Key!

If it takes visitors who visit your online store more than 3 clicks to get to the product they are looking to see, you better forget about making huge sales even if your product is the most captivating and one of the best on the market. The reason for this is quite simple – Internet surfers are usually very impatient and so they will click away almost instantly. The ease with which customers navigate your business website is a very important factor for rating your online store on the scale of effectiveness.

Magento ® provides you with the default template that looks good and professional, loaded with efficient SEO features, and a template that is very attractive. However, in addition to a good framework, useful extras, professional look, good speed, and good SEO features that Magento ® provides, a good navigation and an excellent functionality of your business website is another basic factor that will make your online store record increased sales and profits. Your customers will be able to browse your Magento ® online store more intelligently and improve their experiences when the layered navigation in Magento ® is fully installed and functioning. GoMage Advanced Navigation is a layered navigation software designed to help your Magento ® online store improve navigation and users’ experience.

When your online store is integrated with navigation for Magento ®, it becomes functional and your customers will be able to browse products on your Magento ® online store using categories that are useful and intuitive coupled with a search tool that enables them to quickly find the product they want using keywords. In fact, GoMage Advanced Navigation is integrated with Ajax filter which enables your customers to filter out categories, attributes, and products that are unnecessary in order to quickly get to the specific product they want. Here are a few of the basic features of the GoMage Advanced Navigation:

  • It incorporates the most popular and useful navigation types which are always plain looking or fly-out type of navigation categories
  • It uses drop-down type menu to show all subcategories that are hidden
  • It provides navigation on the search page
  • It displays improved layered navigation of Magento ® that applies Ajax filter for the selection of attributes and categories
  • It uses images for categories and attributes and the images are aligned in 2 columns vertically or horizontally
  • It supports multi-store and multi-languages
  • It provides a 14-day money back guarantee plus 16 months of free support and updates for the layered navigation extension for Magento ®.

Magento ® is unique for providing online store owners with layered navigation on their online stores which enables customers to either filter products in categories or based on search results. Once you integrate the layered navigation for Magento ® in your online store, you can create different landing pages for different product categories and you can create different designs for each level of the product category. You can also choose to configure search features with predetermined search terms to enable your customers to compare products with ease. GoMage Advanced Navigation comes with Ajax filters that enable customers to refresh selected categories and attributes quickly which will make browsing your online store a pleasant experience for your customers.

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