Online Store Owner: What Not To Do With Your StoreFront

Do you want to run your own business and create an online store? Then we will share our observations regarding what should not be done after opening an online store and also mention some marketers’ observations.

What An Online Store Owner must not do

Magento ® store is a perfect choice if a person wants to develop their entrepreneurial flair. But not all the things go smoothly and according to plan. Why? It seems that promotions are working and necessary modules for Magento ® have been bought and even the business plan has been completed.

What you should not do:

1. Do not ignore the buyers’ complaints and demands. These are just the basics of business, the customer is always right. It is fully justified. You as a businessman should understand that people are different. Someone judges on goods and service objectively and someone just wanted to vent or express the negative emotions. You must be able to screen out such things, but in any case, you should not leave anything unattended and necessarily meet all the customers and try to satisfy their request;

2. Do not steal ideas and descriptions from other sites. It does not only show you as a criminal, but it may result in punishment by the search engines (leastwise, it is related to duplicate content). Write everything yourself. It does not mean that you should create a unique and first-class description by yourself. You can hire a copywriter. The new ideas are necessary. The stolen ideas may not work out not only because they are stolen, but also because they are focused on a different kind of business or target audience;

3. Try to pay as much attention as you can to the online store optimization. It is a very important item, otherwise, you will be located at the end of the search engines pages (almost 80% of people do not go further than the second page while searching for the necessary information or a product). To get the most out of the content in your online store, hire an SEO-Optimizer, install the required extension (for example, GoMage SEO Booster), use the keywords and phrases in the products description and lead a blog;

4. Change the style and description in the Magento ® store. Do not think that you can write the products description one time and forget about it. Firstly, add the products to a new data feed. Secondly, every product should have its unique description even if there are two similar screwdrivers by different companies. Please your customers with a stylish updated design every season of the year. For example, it can be leaves when it is autumn, snowflakes when it is winter, green grass if it is spring and you can choose the sea if the season of the year is summer.

5. Do not create a delivery problem. First of all, the owner of the international online store needs to take care of the logistics setting. Try to make contacts as clear as possible, follow up the system of accounting and the principles of the products storage;

6. Do not hold the flow of a new product. Regular updates are the way to success of any online store. Always keep potential customers in suspense in order to make them wait for a new collection. It is very good if you have an opportunity to sell the old products with the discount. It will attract new customers. But, of course, it is the most convenient to organize such a style of sales in the apparel online store;

7. Do not work for beginners. Of course, we should give the chance to a young specialist, but only if they are really gifted or talented person. In all other cases, you should choose only experienced partners who are checked with time and references. It may be programmers, copywriters, marketers, salespeople, experts in Magento ®, etc. The main thing is to choose such a person who is well versed in your business and likes what you do.

Perhaps these are the basic tips on what the owner of an online store must not do. We will be glad to see your comments regarding this.

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