Magento Web Store: CMS Advantages and Disadvantages

Magento ® platform is one of the most popular CMS for online stores. Let us review its advantages and disadvantages.

Magento ® is a CMS with the unencrypted code and it is a significant advantage because you can customize it to your needs.


CMS Opportunities for Magento Web Store Solutions

Magento ® is used for many popular online stores such as 20thCenturyFox, Lenovo, Nestle, Nokia, Samsung, Gucci, and others.

Please review some opportunities for CMS. The biggest advantage of Magento ® is the opportunity to create several stores and manage them from a single admin panel.

You can use different currencies and convert them easily. It is a good ability to create an online store abroad.

Magento online store. CMS advantages and disadvantages.

In your catalog, you can add categories and subcategories. It is very wise to add several images to a product, add specific characteristics, bind the similar products by price and characteristics and also you can look through the balance that is in stock.

Magento ® CMS allows you the ability to manage prices. You can set the special prices up for several groups of users. You can provide your permanent customers with discounts. There is the function that decreases the price for some period of time. Also, there is an opportunity to organize the promo actions. For example, if you buy this product, you will be able to get one more product free of charge or get free shipping on it. And you should pay attention to the fact that you can do unique designs on these promo pages.

A customer can estimate your product by different scales, leave reviews and make tags.

Search Engine Optimization. Magento ® provides you with access to manage HTML code. Also, it allows you to add meta tags, description, and keywords for every product or category. There is an opportunity to add the necessary endings in the site address and also the Magento ® system creates a site XML map for search robots.

Managing Magento ® CMS

Magento ® admin panel is rather difficult and it will take you much time to learn. You can find the functions of getting different reports in CMS. You can watch any product movement during a necessary time period, what products are popular for customers, from what place the customers leave your site and many others.

One of the important moments is to get to know how to configure the VAT tax correctly. You can create the tax rules in Magento ®, but you should pay the thorough attention to this item because this question is very important for you and your customers.

Also, Magento ® interface allows you to install different third-party extensions developed for Magento ® by different companies. For example, GoMage extensions were created to improve Magento ® CMS and are used by many merchants in their Magento ® stores.

Some issues and disadvantages of Magento ® CMS

You can face the issues from the very beginning. The installation of Magento ® is a difficult process and you need to spend effort in order to make the interface of the store completely unique. Magento ® is based on ZendFramework and Prototype framework is used for work with the dynamic content. Also, CMS does not use the MVC pattern. These factors prevent you from creating an online store by yourself. Thus you need to look for a specialist in order to get help. Of course, this service costs money and it will be rather expensive. You can also buy the readymade design, but we advise you to use the service of specialists, such as GoMage team, for example.

Magento online store. CMS advantages and disadvantages.

Magento ® demands a good hosting. It demands at least 256 Mb of memory for a normal online store. You can find it in the official CMS documentation.

If you are not a native English speaker and you do not know this language, it will be difficult for you because Magento ® uses the English language for its interface.

There are many sites which were created that need support of Magento ®, but the majority of them are in English. But you can use any online translator in order to deal with this issue.

If you need to improve your Magento ® and you do not have much experience in it, you will have to hire developers. Of course, it will cost money and it will be an expensive thing. So, if you are not ready to spend money for a good service, Magento ® CMS is not a good option for you. But if you want to hire good specialists and get a professional online store, Magento ® is a good chance to become a prosperous merchant.

Most likely, you will need to buy the additional extensions for Magento ® which will improve the functionality of your store on Magento ®. It should be done by increasing your sales and getting more benefit as a result.

One of the main disadvantages is the inability to bind online store database with the program 1C.

The conclusions. Magento ® is the most functional engine for creating online stores. It has a lot of abilities, but one of the main disadvantages of Magento ® is that it does not include additional extensions which can improve its function. Thus, the merchants have to spend additional charges in order to buy them.

If you want to improve the functionality of Magento ®, you need to buy the special extensions which are developed as to the best standards of Magento ®, such as GoMage extensions. They will help you to increase sales and get the benefit without any other efforts.

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