About Us Page Content: What Details Should It Have

In order to increase the level of customers’ trust to your store, it is very important to create an ‘About Our Company’ page. But the question is: what to write there?

Let us review how to build the ‘About Us’ page and some internet-marketing methods that will help to establish a proper relationship between a seller and a customer.

Why Is The About Us Page Content So Important?

Many website visitors go to that page in order to learn more about your company and ensure that it can be trusted. If all a customer sees there is some dry text like ‘super-professional specialists’ or ‘the best company on the market’, etc., they will not start trusting you more but, on the contrary, will most likely wish to leave. However, if you write some creative and interesting text, this will help your customers learn some useful information, get to know your company and ensure that your team can be relied on, then they will gladly make orders in your store.

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There are several variants of how to write a good text or, more exactly, what should be highlighted here:

1) Company face

First, create a short description of the company approach, unique propositions or its philosophy. Then gradually move to presenting your employees. Add photos and briefly describe each of their personalities. Give as many details as possible about the company founder, their purposes and what they have already accomplished.

2) Description text

Highlight the uniqueness of your store. We do not mean the unique content here but namely the original description lines. Remember that your web store is special. Usually ‘About Us’ pages contain classic phrases like “professional team”, “friendly attitude”, “best prices”, “high service quality”. You need to be critical and honest. This information is completely useless. You will never find a company who will say they have ‘unprofessional staff’ or ‘medium service quality’.

What you need here are the facts that will favorably distinguish your store from your competitors. This may be fast delivery, effective support service, free shipping, etc.

3) Video

This is a very creative approach that will help you to represent the information in an unusual way. You may use a classic video-presentation, use doodle-video or create a slideshow. Infographics help to increase the speed of perception and make customers remember your site.

4) List of services

List your products and services. This is not only very important information for customers but also an important part of your company’s life. You may create hyperlinks to corresponding pages on the items of the list. Do not include all your products or categories in the list, choose the main ones.

This simple advice will help you to attract customers’ attention and fill your company page correctly. If you have any additional questions or propositions, please contact GoMage specialists using comments or directly by email.

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