GoMage PWA Storefront Customization Services

Have an idea for a PWA theme feature or integration but don't have the right skills? Get in touch with our PWA team and we will do the job for you!

What You Get from Our Customization Services

Customization of existing functionality

You don’t have to start Magento 2 PWA development from scratch. We can customize our PWA Storefront based on business requirements.

Custom development of new functionality

Need any additional features in your Magento 2 PWA? Our team will develop any functionality that you need for your eCommerce store.

Integration with third-party services

We can integrate your Magento PWA with any third-part services and solutions in addition to the existing integrations such as Algolia and TrustPilot.

Creation and adaptation of UX/UI design

Magento 2 PWA will display your brand positioning. Our team will help you adjust UX and UI design and add any visual effects.

Why Choose GoMage for Magento 2 PWA Customization

  • Hands-on experience – we are pioneers in Magento PWA, as we’ve been working with Magento PWA Studio for over 1.5 years, while it was launched only 2 years ago.
  • 10+ years on the market – huge expertise in Magento and eCommerce allows our Magento certified team to apply the best practices, reducing the time of development.
  • Complex projects – we work with projects of any complexity from newbies to stores with over 12,000,0000 products and SKUs.
  • Significant results – clients that work with us get x2 increase in online sales, x2 traffic increase, 3x conversion rate boost, 250% more leads, and top ranking in Google SERP. Our case studies prove it!

Meet Our PWAwesome Team

Meet the team that stands behind GoMage Magento PWA Storefront. These experts know how to build powerful Progressive Web Apps and can help customize the storefront up to your business needs.

Yuriy Protsiuk

Product Owner

Yuriy is the Product Owner of the GoMage Magento PWA storefront whose task is to drive the product to success. He defines the vision of the product while anticipating the business needs of tomorrow. Yuriy contributes to the roadmap of the product, communicates the product vision to the stakeholders, and manages the day-to-day routine with our development team.

Roman Tsehynka

Team Lead, Back-End Developer

Roman is the Team Lead and Back-End Magento Developer who joined GoMage in 2012. He has over 8 years of experience in Magento development and leads our Magento 2 PWA team. Deep knowledge of the Magento platform allows him to quickly solve any issues that arise and guide his team in the right direction.

Yaroslav Kushnir

Front-End Developer

Yaroslav is an experienced Front-End Magento Developer with over 7 years of experience. He is responsible for PWA development based on Magento 2 Venia with React.js. A huge part of his work is dedicated to the creation of components for GoMage Magento PWA Storefront.

Andrii Zhurba

DevOps Engineer

Andrii is a DevOps Engineer at GoMage and a person who knows everything about servers and their optimization. With over five years of experience in the DevOps sphere, he maintains the server-side of the GoMage Magento PWA Storefront and knows how to make things right.

Alexey Kudenko

QA Engineer

Alexey is a QA Engineer with over 4.5 years of experience, 3 of which he has spent at GoMage. He is responsible for manual, automated, and load testing of GoMage PWA Storefront to ensure its seamless work and high performance.

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