Trading Network in Magento ®: What It Is And Why It Matters

Internet store is a full-size company, whatever direction it has: apparel selling, the selling of special equipment or handmade things. If you want to have your own business, it is important to think of the structure initially.

Let us review what components are included in the trading network in Magento ®, its characteristics, and advice concerning the organization of the workflow.

What the trading network is

The Internet trading network is the combination of various departments which are responsible for the correct work of an online store. In simple terms, an online store consists of not only the frontend and the cart. It also has the marketing department, the department of the work with clients, connections with the social groups and so on. Many of us much more accustomed to start from the meaning of "business network" in terms of retail or wholesale off-trade where this concept is characterized by a set of different departments under one management, but you should understand that you should not identify online business and entrepreneurship of "full" employment in terms of marketing and management.

Every business as it is can have its own departments. Sometimes one person is engaged in everything if the online trade is produced in small amounts, but most often the whole team of specialists works on the platform workability.

What components the trading network consists

Magento ® is a very comfortable platform even for beginners to work in the trade sphere because everything has a clear hierarchy: the department which is the most important has the main status and so on. Let us review the components of the trading network of Magento ®:

1. Global. This is the peak of the hierarchical chain. Different features for next components of the trading network, recommendations for them and other parameters that are necessary for the correct work of the online store are set up in Magento ® on this level

2. WebSite. This is the online store as it is. It is located on the second level of the hierarchical stairs of the Magento ® platform. The base features for it are set up in the global department, but you can work on the design (check our themes for Magento ®), usability, staff working (take control under the chat quality, responses by emails or social networks) here. Also, you can set up multisite in this department. It is the control from the same admin panel under several sites, the ability to use the customer’s account in several stores of the network and so on.

3. Store. This is the store as it is seen by administrators, but not developers and marketing specialists. It can be configured as you want. Moreover, several stores can be bound to the same root folder of the first hierarchical level.

4. Store View. This is a showcase. This is the online store which can be seen by a customer. Mainly, the most important function of this department is the presentation of a product for a potential customer. You can configure any product displaying for different language groups in Magento ® quickly. Also, you can highlight seasonal and promotional offers and create a comfortable display of the same product in different stores.

The main difficulty in the development of the trading network is that you need to think of the duties and functions of each component in detail. You should understand that one part will not be able to work without another one. If you have any problems with the configuration of the trading networks in Magento ®, you can contact GoMage company in order to get some help as to your problems. Please leave your comments as to the structure of the Magento ® workflow, its process, and control.

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