Social Media Marketing Strategy - 5 Tips To Better Engagement


Social media confidently came to everyday lives and nowadays it continues to be in trend. It is a controversial question of how useful social media can be. Some people are right when they say that social media takes us from real life to the online world. Others will say that social media platforms bring people together because there are many possibilities for communication here.

In any case, online networking is a source of information that is used by many people and it provides merchants with a lot of opportunities to interact with potential customers.

Understanding Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is not a panacea, and not for all products does it work effectively and are able to increase sales. There are some questions we recommend answering when you are planning a campaign in social media:

  1. Are my clients in these social media platforms?

Some people are present in social media as individuals. They can indicate their position and work experience, but they do not do their functional duties here. Many people only use social media for entertainment, socializing with friends, for hobbies and personal development. For now, only is a professional social networking website. Other online networks perform multiple functions and join different groups of people.

  1. Is it acceptable to provide the information about the products of an online store there?

There is a lot of entertainment content in all social media. Try to imagine how the post about your product will be perceived among such information and how it will influence the products or your company image in general.

  1. Are your potential customers ready to make a purchasing decision here?

In other words, what do you expect from social media? It is an important point for the evaluation of the effectiveness of online networks and it should be carefully considered by merchants who work on the B2B market.

For example, the online store specializes in expensive and complex equipment. Due to the fact that many people use online networks only for entertainment, rest or refocusing, they are not ready to make serious decisions here, so social media can indirectly affect the sales and can be used only for brand image and reminding clients about your company.

Some Social Media Tips

Content Planning


Quality content is the basis of efficient interaction with potential customers in social media. When you create content, take into account the audience you interact with. For instance, if you are going to show the post with discounts to new people who are not familiar with your online store, you should present your online shop, explain who you are and give information about price discounts. If people do not know your company they perceive your message harder.

Or another situation, when you use Remarketing features on Facebook or Twitter.  Remarketing is the functionality which allows merchants to reach potential customers who previously visited the online store. In this situation, people have some information about the online shop and you can put more specific details in your post.


On e-commerce market, reviews play a huge role. Due to the fact that customers can’t test the products as in real stores, they read opinions about products before they make their purchasing decisions.

Encourage those visitors who write reviews. You can also ask your loyal clients to do this. Such strategy works very effectively.

Sharing Buttons

Your customers can “do your job” and spread the information about your online store. Allow your visitors to share information quickly. For this, it is really important to put “Like” Facebook Button or Twitter Button not only on the main page of your website but on product pages, as well.


One good picture is worth 1000 words. Make your images attractive so that people like to share them.  In social media this is really effective, especially in Instagram and Pinterest (don’t forget to activate “Pin It” button for all pictures).


Entertainment and Socializing as a Part of Your Marketing Campaign

You should create some kind of interactive communication. People expect such activities here. Lotteries, contests, interesting discussions on topics close to your business - all such interactions are acceptable and will involve visitors in your community.


Post information in social networks regularly. There is no right answer on how often you should do this. It depends on how much news you have. If your online store has many products and the range of your goods changes quickly, you can publish even several posts per day.



Hashtags are used to organize content in online networks and they work as navigation features.

Always add hashtags to your posts.

Analyze in advance all possible variants of what your potential customers can call your product or which words they can use. Professional language can be differed from the “vocabulary” of ordinary people. With hashtags your posts can be reached more frequently.

Always Let the Visitors of Your Online Store Use Their Social Networking Accounts Instead of Registering.

Most people don’t like long registration procedures. You can allow them to skip this process and use their social media accounts. GoMage has a brilliant solution for your Magento ® online store. We offer Social Connector extension by GoMage for free.

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