Shopping Cart Abandonment - 7 Reasons Why [Infographic]

Statistics show that the situation concerning abandoned carts in e-commerce has not changed for 10 years and there is a huge potential for increasing sales here. Very often, the reasons why people do not complete a purchase are simple.

It is possible to avoid this problem by improving some processes. We recommend paying attention to our article One Step Checkout. Tips to Make it Better, because a lot of abandoned carts happen precisely because of mistakes in the checkout procedure.

Visitors Leave Shopping Carts - Infographics

Our experience shows that sometimes it is important to organize a poll and ask users about the real reasons why they leave their shopping cart. Not all visitors will give answers, but some information can be gathered in order to get an idea of the real situation. Search for some tips in our infographic and check your online store carefully for all the possible mistakes.


Our One Step Checkout extension for Magento ® can help to fix some of these problems. Instead of 5 pages, all steps of the checkout procedure are placed on one page which is very comfortable for users, so they are less likely to leave the purchase uncompleted.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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