PayPal Bill Me Later Financing - Let Buyers Pay Over Time

Almost all European customers use well-known PayPal service to pay for their online purchases. Let us review how to configure the PayPalBillMeLater system in your web store, and also some instructions and recommendations.

Why do we need to configure PayPal Bill Me Later

Now so many people live life using credit cards that it is considered normal. We do not always have a possibility to buy a necessary thing right now, but we still need it. In order to let your customers avoid difficulties while ordering something in your store, it is very useful to offer them a credit-purchase service.

PayPalBillMeLater can be understood as a credit card without an actual card, without plastic or any other wrap. This is very convenient for the following reasons:

1. You cannot lose it, the password can always be retrieved through PayPal service;

2. All customers and products are insured;

3. You have a possibility to tie your PayPal personal account to your BillMeLater account;

4. There are special financial offers that allow you the ability to buy everything you need and then pay for the purchase in several equal parts, or in full amount but later, when you have the possibility to do so;

5. Full protection of both sellers and customers from fraud and theft;

6. Customers can use a deferred payment for 6 months if their purchase amount is more than $99;

7. Fast money transfer to the account. The sum customer puts on a credit account is immediately transferred to the seller;

8. According to the research results of many marketing companies, the system ‘BillMeLater’ helps to increase the store income by 18% which is quite a good margin. Besides, the interest and trust of customers can also be increased. In order to attract visitors’ attention to the new service on your site, you may use various banners and buttons. We will also discuss the size of such announcements and methods of their configuration;

9. You will not worry about your debtors, search for them and monitor their payments. All this is done by PayPal. They also count the interest for non-payment or delinquency and monitor the whole process from the beginning and until the credit is paid.

Also, according to PayPal research, the sellers who use this option in their stores increase their sales by approximately 5.7% within a few months. The circulation of goods is also increased. Customers not only buy products more frequently, they also buy more expensive things that they could not have afforded before. Almost 44% of sales are impetuous and additional, i.e. if a customer had not had a possibility to be billed later they would not have bought anything.

It is quite easy to configure PayPalBillMeLater service on Magento ® if you follow our step-by-step instruction (it suits for Magento ® CE 1.9 and higher):

  • Go to the admin panel, then to System – Configuration – Payment Methods.
    Payment Methods
  • Locate the option PayPal Express Checkout, select ‘Customize’ for it and do the following. Open PayPal additional settings, select Enable for BillMeLater option and then save the changes.
    PayPal Express Checkout
  • Choose PayPal payments standard.
  • Make the necessary configurations into PayPal account.
  • Set the option BillMeLater - Yes.

Advice regarding banners configuration

You can enable different banners directly on your site and they will attract your users’ attention. In the option PayPal Express Checkout you need to configure the link that will output banners of the credit payment method. Open PayPal settings and locate the option Advertise BillMeLater. Now you only need to press GetPublisher ID button and follow the instructions on the page. Enter the ID and then save the changes.


You may configure the banner of your credit method to display at the top of the content side of the page or on the right side. There are also different sizes of banners. According to the official PayPal site there are following available size options for banners:

  • 190 х 100
  • 234 х 60
  • 300 х 50
  • 468 х 60
  • 728 х 90
  • 800 х 66

We must also mention the location of these banners. Such advertisement on the main page will let customers know that your store allows deferred payments. On products pages, it will help to increase sales. On the checkout page, it will tempt a potential customer to make a positive decision.

You may also place them on category pages, products pages and on the shopping cart page. When all changes are complete, click ‘SaveConfig’.

Also in case you are interested in simplifying the other processes on your store please check Extensions for Magento ®.

If you have any questions regarding the configuration of PayPalBillMeLater on Magento ® you may consult with GoMage specialists. Please also share your experience of working with this service in the comments below.

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