Product Designer v.2.3 for Magento ® is fully Mobile Friendly Now!

We are happy to announce that new version 2.3 of T-shirt and Product Designer extension for Magento ® has been released. Responsive design and support for mobile devices have been added in this version.

Feel free to check the responsive features on our demo site and enjoy using our Product Designer extension.

Product Designer for Magento ® by GoMage

The most unusual extension for Magento ®. This module allows visitors to create a unique design of T-shirts, souvenirs, caps and many other products which are in the range of an online store. Our clients, who have implemented GoMage T-shirts and product designer in their Magento ® stores, share their experience with us and sometimes we are very surprised how amazing design ideas are created. T-shirts are the most popular product which stimulates the creativity. By preparing a unique design, people create their important communication, “transmit” jokes and share their emotions or positive thoughts. We have made a special collection of the best design ideas. Hope you will enjoy it.



For more information on the T-shirt and Product Designer by GoMage visit this page.

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