Magento One Step Checkout: Building Loyalty by Convenience

For any customer, one of the most important things in a web store is the simplicity of adding a product to the shopping cart and the checkout process. In order to simplify the process, One Step Checkout for Magento ® can be used. Let us review the functionality of this extension and its advantages.

General Magento One Step Checkout information

The advantages of this extension are obvious: easiness of making a purchase for a customer and simplification of an order processing procedure for the store owner.

The main problem with a ‘Shopping cart’ is if a large number of fields are necessary to be processed.  The more you require your purchasing customer or client to do the less they will.  Making everything super simple is the best way forward for you, your customer and your increasing ROI results.

Managing Magento Deletions Manually

Deleting products from the ‘Cart’ or creation of direct product links can be challenging.

Step-by-step instruction for deleting a customer’s product through the ‘Editor’ menu in Magento ®:

  • Access the admin panel and go to the code editor menu;
  • The session is located in the ‘Quote’ string, erase everything after ‘= $session->session number();’ But this will erase the whole session which is not necessary if you only need to remove one specific product;
  • Locate the following string in the code ”if($item->getProductId()==product code, its ID) { . Delete this string and it’s done – the product is removed from customer’s ‘shopping cart’.

The benefits of the extension:

  1. A customer can delete any unnecessary products by themselves.  As customers come to experience the functionality and power of your Magento one step checkout processes they will remember how easy it was to work with your site and be inclined to be loyal returning customers who frequently pay purchase making visits to your eCommerce store solution.
  2. Easy installation process. If there are any questions related to the extensions for Magento ®, you can contact GoMage specialists using comments or the forum.  When process and procedures become a breeze for both you and your customers the corresponding advantages are multifaceted.
  3. One Step Checkout for Magento ® is fully configurable. This is a multi-language extension which is flexible enough with the interface that can be adjusted to any type of design, be it minimalism or modern.  This versatility allows you the ability to customize your storefront to fit the precise needs of your demographically targeted customer.
  4. According to the feedback of many store owners who use the Magento ® eCommerce platform, this extension significantly reduces the percent of orders not completed which is a good business practice.  The reason that this may become the case for you involves the increased convenience that your store's buyers receive as a result.

A Response To Those Who Question One Step Checkout Solutions

While most people are clear about their delight with one-page checkout options there are those who would suggest that a multi-page alternative would be a better solution.  One such entity was actually promoting a competing eCommerce platform that does not offer a one-step solution, at least not out of the box.

Targeted points included raised topics like:

  • Skewed interactivity statistics with a one-page design.
  • The number of client-side details that must be congested within a single form page.
  • Ability to spot and correct mistakes within the process of multiple steps.

These are all interesting points with their own level of validity to which we put forth a simple question.  When it comes to user experience, do you want the additional burden of needing to go through a diversity of pages to reach your final purchase success or would you prefer a single and simple page for everything?

If your like most, you too believe that easy to follow straight answers are the way forward.  One step checkout processes offer this type of technology, so why go elsewhere where your clients and customers may invariablly get lost in the process?

If you need customization of any extensions for Magento ®, you are welcome to contact our GoMage company.

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