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Magento One Step Checkout

For any customer one of the most important things in a web store is the simplicity of adding a product into the shopping cart and the checkout process. In order to simplify the process Magento one step checkout can be used. Let us review the functionality of this Magento extension and its advantages.

General information

The advantages of this extension are obvious: easiness of making a purchase for a customer and simplification of an order processing procedure for the store owner. The main problem of a ‘Shopping cart’ programming if a very large quantity of fields necessary to be processed. This is a very complicated part of the site creation, so it is much easier to install a ready-to-use module.

The main problem is deleting products from the ‘Cart’ or creation of direct product links.

Step-by-step instruction of deleting customer’s product through the ‘Editor’ menu in Magento:

  • Access the admin panel and go to the code editor menu;
  • The session is located in the ‘Quote’ string, erase everything after ‘= $session->session number();’ But this will erase the whole session which is not necessary if you only need to remove one specific product;
  • Locate the following string in the code ”if($item->getProductId()==product code, its ID) { . Delete this string and it’s done – the product is removed from customer’s ‘shopping cart’.

The benefits of the extension:

  1. 1. A customer can delete unnecessary product by themselves;
  2. 2. Easy installation process. If there are any questions related to the Magento extensions, you can contact GoMage specialists using comments or the forum;
  3. 3. Magento one step checkout is fully configurable. This is a multi-language extension which is flexible enough with the interface that can be adjusted to any type of design, be it minimalism or modern;
  4. 4. According to the feedbacks of many store owners who use Magento eCommerce platform, this extension significantly reduces the percent of not completed orders which is a good business profit.


If you need any Magento extension customization, you are welcome to contact our GoMage company.