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Magento One Step Checkout: Building Loyalty by Convenience

For any customer, one of the most important things in a web store is the simplicity of adding a product to the shopping cart and the checkout process. In order to simplify the process, One Step Checkout for Magento ® can be used. Let us review the functionality of this extension and its advantages.

General Magento One Step Checkout information

The advantages of this extension are obvious: easiness of making a purchase for a customer and simplification of an order processing procedure for the store owner. The main problem with a ‘Shopping cart’ is if a large of fields are necessary to be processed.

Deleting products from the ‘Cart’ or creation of direct product links can be challenging.

Step-by-step instruction of deleting customer’s product through the ‘Editor’ menu in Magento ®:

  • Access the admin panel and go to the code editor menu;
  • The session is located in the ‘Quote’ string, erase everything after ‘= $session->session number();’ But this will erase the whole session which is not necessary if you only need to remove one specific product;
  • Locate the following string in the code ”if($item->getProductId()==product code, its ID) { . Delete this string and it’s done – the product is removed from customer’s ‘shopping cart’.

The benefits of the extension:

  1. A customer can delete any unnecessary products by themselves;
  2. Easy installation process. If there are any questions related to the extensions for Magento ®, you can contact GoMage specialists using comments or the forum;
  3. One Step Checkout for Magento ® is fully configurable. This is a multi-language extension which is flexible enough with the interface that can be adjusted to any type of design, be it minimalism or modern;
  4. According to the feedback of many store owners who use the Magento ® eCommerce platform, this extension significantly reduces the percent of orders not completed which is a good business practice.

If you need customization of any extensions for Magento ®, you are welcome to contact our GoMage company.