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How to fill in your catalog faster

How to fill in your catalog faster

Magento is a large and scalable system which includes a lot of plugins and functions by default. In order to help beginners fill in their catalog faster and launch their online store, Magento experts recommend the following steps.

Use product duplicating option

First, you need to create a basic product. Then you can duplicate it by pressing the corresponding button which is located next to ‘Save’. But remember that SKU and status need to be added manually for duplicated products. Also, it is necessary to insert a new picture. Other fields will be filled in automatically. This option is very convenient for products which differ only in color (clothes) or manufacturer (equipment).

Disable stock option

In the first stage of your store development it is recommended to disable stock counting option which requires regular manual update and, therefore, takes precious time. You can disable it by going to System – Configuration – Catalog – Stock. In ‘Parameters’ tab choose ‘Stock management’ field and set it to ‘No’. Then save the changes.

Make secondary fields not mandatory in the product settings

Go to Catalog – Attributes – Manage Attributes. Choose ‘Yes’ in the table filter and click ‘Search’. This will show you all mandatory attributes. After that you can choose the attributes which are unnecessary, in your opinion, set the option ‘No’ for ‘Mandatory’ field and save the changes. For example, you can disable Tax Class (tax_class_id), weight, short description, etc.

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