E-Commerce Packaging and Wrapping Tips

Product packaging and wrapping are used in logistic processes to deliver products safely and without damage. The fact that the delivered product is packed is perceived naturally and sometimes we do not even pay attention to this.

However, packaging/wrapping services may perform a much wider range of functions and even help to boost sales and build customers’ loyalty. Further, we will review some ideas to make this topic clearer.

E-Commerce Packaging and Wrapping Detailed

Basic functions in e-commerce packaging

The main role of packing is to protect and save products from various damages and keep all of the product components together so that they do not get lost. Physical protection is very important because it guarantees that a customer will receive a normal product in its entirety and good condition.

Because the products are different, a lot of types of packaging and wrapping materials are available.

There can be pasteboard boxes and containers designed to protect products from cold, rain, molds, microbiologic organisms and so on. It is important to understand that, even if the packaging is used for marketing or other purposes, the basic functions must be the same - to protect and keep products in appropriate condition.

Packaging as an advertising space

Branded packaging is widely used in all kinds of trades.

The brand can be applied to pasteboard boxes, or it is possible to use branded scotch tape or different labels. Announcements about new products, discounts and sales are also appropriate here.

It is very difficult to assess what audience will be reached. The message may be seen not only by the buyer but also by their family members or by people on the street at the time of delivery. Usually, the audience being reached is not wide, so the cost branded packaging must be planned carefully.

Packaging as a way to communicate with a client

E-commerce packaging has one very big disadvantage. In most cases, the online purchase process does not provide a possibility of direct communication with clients. Only representatives of a shipping service can meet them if the online store provides its own delivery service. Otherwise, there is no communication at all.

So the package is a very important element in e-commerce and it provides a nice opportunity to pass some information to the client. Packaging can be a simple box, but it is also possible to add a message that will create a certain image of the store or add positive emotions.



Packaging as a useful thing to give it a second life

Comfortable packaging can be used for household needs, so in this way, it will work as a reminder about the store or brand, if this information is available on it. Bright and unusual boxes can attract children and they may wish to use them as toys. You never know and can’t predict how the packaging boxes will be used for purchase and who may need them.

An interesting example of the second life of packaging was shown by a Dutch company Joolz. The company designs and produces ergonomic pushchairs and accessories. To prolong the packaging life, the company printed detailed instructions for how to assemble and transform its packing cardboards into various unusual items. So customers could try to create their own masterpieces.




If the customer did not order a special product packaging, it may be a pleasant surprise which is remembered. Special wrapping paper can be used as a thank you for the purchase or to wish something pleasant, so, as indicated above, it will be powerful communication.



Wrapping service in Magento ® 2

In conclusion, a few words about configuring a packaging service in Magento ® 2. All basic features to organize this process are available here. Wrapping can be provided for individual products or for several items in one order. You can put a special price for each type of wrapping, and upload a small image of the design that your client can see during checkout. The wrap charge will be specified in the order summary section.


We hope that our tips and ideas have been useful for you. GoMage is ready to assist you in development of your Magento ® online store. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email support@gomage.com.

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