Comprehensive Overview of Cloudways, a Managed Magento Hosting

If you are running an online business or planning to have one in the future then, guaranteed, you will surely need a reliable hosting service. When it comes to hosting, there are multiple hosting services available:

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Shared Hosting and more...

A large number of eCommerce businesses rely on cloud hosting because it bypasses the limitations of traditional hosting, and ensures superior performance and reliability. On top of that, it becomes more significant when you prefer a Managed cloud hosting in terms of optimized server response time and easy manageable access.

Cloudways is the platform that offers complete Managed Hosting for Magento, which makes you worry-free to deal with all the hosting operations.

Sound interesting? Then, why not take a quick tour of Cloudways - Managed Magento Hosting Provider.

Simply, get yourself registered with Cloudways and let the magic begin.

Now, it’s time to look at how Cloudways helps Magento store owners and developers to manage and optimize their web store(s).

When it comes to online stores, don’t compromise on the performance. Let’s have a look at what Cloudways - managed Magento hosting is offering to boost your web store speed and performance.

Dedicated Server
Cloudways maximize the Magento server and application performance by providing a dedicated server. Each server has dedicated IP and stays the same if you change the size of the server, where, this feature isn’t available with shared hosting services.

Built-in Cache
Want to know the reason how Cloudways manages the server speed and performance?

Cloudways Thnderstack is a robust hosting stack that makes the store speed 100% faster without any hassle. This stack is the combination of Apache, Memcached, MySQL, and other components.

Use its power to create an awesome web app.

You can find these components under the Server Management section > Manage Services.

Supports Latest Version of PHP
Ensure that your Magento server is supporting the latest version of PHP by clicking on the Setting & Package > under Advanced option.

Support Redis
Cloudways platform does take care of the database performance by enabling Redis. It uses to cache the data that a web server needs and reduces the server response time. Memcached is also another option which Cloudways supports; however, Redis offers a few more data structures such as string, hash, linked list in memory.

Relax! Because Cloudways platform is capable enough to deal with all the ambiguities related to the server. For example, if the Apache gets down due to the huge number of requests, then it will automatically restart it so the website performance doesn’t get affected.


Running an online business without managing the major security factors will bring your business down. Here’s how Cloudways deals with security concerns:

IP Whitelist
The major reason to build this feature is to secure the server login. In case, if any suspicious activity occurs (failed login attempt) for a number of times then, that IP will block and no SFTP/SSH connections will be accepted for the next 24 hours.

1-Click SSL Certificate
Whenever the users visit your website, you as a store owner should ensure secure user-engagement and transactions. That’s the reason Cloudways offers a 1-click free SSL certificate installation facility for that you have to fill a specified requirement given below.

You can find this feature under the Application Management section.

Two-Factor Authentication
It’s an extra security layer that protects your Cloudways account. In case, if your username and password get stolen, still intruders won’t be able to reach your platform due to the Two-Factor Authentication security bearer.

you can find this option within the account settings.

Dedicated Firewall
All the Magento hosting servers on Cloudways protected by an OS-level firewall. It helps to fight with the malware and other malicious attacks.

Regular Security Updates
Cloudways performs regular OS patches and firmware upgrades on each Magento server. So that your server always remains secure and protected from vulnerabilities.

Expert Support
Cloudways support team is always keen to deliver tremendous support for their valuable customers.

Active 24/7 Live Chat
Support guys are always active at Cloudways any time of the year to delight the customers to their fullest. You just have to type the query and rest will be taken care of by the support team.

Cloudways community plays an effective role where experts share their skills and experiences which helps to build better tech-community.

Automated Backups
Take a backup of all the necessary files so that you can easily retrieve previous versions of the store at any time. By leveraging this feature you can take a backup of application and server so you won’t suffer from any data loss. It offers two options one is: scheduled your backup and second is take a backup now.

Integrations and Add-on

Let’s take your managed Magento hosting platform to the next level by integrating some useful add-on(s).

SMTP Add-on

This addon offers you an easy and reliable way to configure an external SMTP service to deliver email from the servers. You can choose two options: including, Elastic Email, for which you have to pay and second your own SMTP account. Find this feature under the server management section and it will be the last tab.

Cloudways API
Cloudways gives an opportunity to control the platform by building your solutions. You can manage, develop and integrate your server and applications by using the RESTful API.

CloudwaysBot keeps you updated by sending real-time updates on different selected channels such as Slack, API, HipChat.

Collaboration & Workflow

Managing a team is a herculean task. But not with Cloudways. It has a great workflow and team collaboration tool which lets the things done in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can add a team member along with the restrictions.

Git Integration
With Cloudways you can easily get updated code deployed on the live servers as changes occur in the remote repositories. This feature is available under the application management section. Besides, you can also analyze the git deployment history to keep on monitoring the latest changes.

SSH and SFTP Access
SSH and SFTP are two approaches that let you communicate with the server in a secure way. With these tools, you can access servers, update files and make necessary changes to your Magento application.

Server Transfer
Switch the ownership of the server to the client or any other party by using the 1-click hosting feature. Go to the Server Management, click the floating button at the bottom right of the screen and click on Transfer Server.

Pricing Plan

Cloudways is the ultimate managed hosting platform and with that, it offers the most convenient and reasonable method to pay your invoices. You just have to pay for the resources you have utilized. Besides, you don’t have to pay for the SSL certificate, run multiple applications for no cost, enjoy free migration and much more.

Below is the pricing table for DigitalOcean.

Wrapping Up

While searching for the best Magento 2 hosting platform, you might come to know about this statement that:

“Your hosting can make or break your eCommerce website”

There are several Magento hosting providers, but not all of them will fulfill your requirements and support your online store. Some may lack customer support, while some will have an incomplete feature, and some will cost a lot.

On the other hand, Cloudways offers a reliable and affordable cloud hosting solution for Magento stores. With its ‘Pay As You Go’ payment model, you can pay for the services that you want to avail easily.

Happy Hosting!

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