Store Promotions: IT-marketing With Magento ® Based Stores

According to the most recent statistic data, web marketing occupies more than 60% of all advertisement marketing. Let us review the types of IT-marketing for web store promotions, its basic methods and ways of realization.

Where IT-marketing for Store Promotions is necessary

It is almost impossible to imagine our life without computers and internet now, every day millions of people visit Google, Instagram, FaceBook, their favorite sites, this is where your products should be advertised in order for your potential clients to see them. There are several ways of advertising products on the Internet:

  1. Direct marketing;
  2. SEO – optimization;
  3. Hidden;
  4. Buzz-marketing;
  5. Affiliate marketing.

IT-marketing types

Each of these schemes is effective for a specific business field, we will try to review them in detail:

Direct marketing is done via advertisement networks. This also includes context advertisement. Please note that these methods are considered to be the most efficient for a web store promotion. The main advantage is that your advertisement is mostly read by your target audience who come from the target sites.

This also may include email-marketing which is based on communication with customers performed directly with the help of newsletters or SMS sent to the client database. In order to make your promotion more successful, you should inform your customers of all product updates, congratulate them on their birthdays and other holidays.

Search marketing, e.g. SEO optimization, suggests promoting your company to the first page of the search results made by keywords through the leading search engines. For example, someone is looking for “extensions for Magento ® by GoMage” and they put this phrase into the search field. They get results, but the top search results are the promotional lines which are highlighted and thus attract customers’ attention. It is fair in this case to pay for clicks, and not for views.

Hidden marketing is not the safest or most efficient method, but it is considered to be the cheapest one. Most frequently, it is performed through posts in social networks, blog comments (not always matching the topic), or calling different numbers through the phone database of a certain city, so-called ‘cold calling’. This system often works for spreading rumors about the company, this method is good for new companies that have just started their campaign.

Viral marketing includes creation and publishing of a media-viral – attractive content (video, photo, flash games, WOW-call, etc.) which is immediately spread among the users.

Buzz-marketing uses black PR system. You do not tell anything about your company, and after some time, as it becomes more popular, rumors start growing around it. This often raises the interest of customers and potential business partners.

Affiliate marketing is a kind of advertisement. It is very similar to Buzz except that it should be paid for. In other words, this may be pre-paid feedbacks on forums, questions in special services, reviews on product pages. The same system is often used by partnership programs.

Except for these popular types, there are also less known methods, e.g. such as ambient media. This kind of promotion uses unusual places for advertisements, like writing text on pavement, fences, or placing banners on buses, which is not typical for building a business on the internet.

Also, check themes for Magento ® which will help to draw more customers to make purchases from your Magento ® store.

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