RJMetrics New Analytical Service of Magento ®

At the beginning of August 2016, Magento ® Commerce has officially announced that it has obtained the new analytical service of RJMetrics for cloud-based e-commerce platforms.

The terms of this deal are not provided in the official press release of the company, but it is the first major purchase made by Magento ® since it became an independent IT-company at the end of the last year.

More About RJMetrics - New Analytical Service

This innovative functionality allows merchants to get more analytical information about their e-commerce business and, based on this data, streamline all the processes, enhance Inventory Management Systems and merchandising operations.

This new tool will be presented as Magento ® Analytics and, in contrast to other analytical services which often require special technical knowledge and sustained IT support, Magento ® Analytics will allow users who do not have strong technical skills to work with the system effectively. JMetrics use the data sources that merchants already have in their business. It aggregates all this data into one central data store. Using the simple interface of JMetrics, merchants will be able to find answers to all problematic questions in one analytic system.

Main features of Magento ® Analytics will include:

Advanced Customer Insights: It will allow evaluating clients’ lifetime value, the rate of repeated purchases, defining inactive and lost clients, using customer churn and cohort analysis, and other detailed analytics for a solid understanding of customers’ needs.

Effectiveness and ROI of Marketing Campaign: It will allow identifying the most effective marketing campaigns, their shortcomings, and challenges as well as potentials for optimization.

Enhanced Segmentation and Personalization: It will allow dedicating special clients’ segments more efficiently and implementing more effective targeted promotions.

Enhanced Merchandising: It will give a better understanding of the effectiveness of each page, promotional activities, and channel performance, and will allow merchants to improve their shopping experience and performance to boost sales.

Most merchants use Google Analytics to receive aggregated data concerning their business performance.  But it gives them only a part of the picture. Magento ® Analytics service will give more information. Advanced features of Magento ® Analytics will allow using cross-border multi-brand analytics, inventory optimization, and marketing tools.

Robert Moore, CEO, RJMetrics, emphasized that a combination of both platforms will create new opportunities for Magento ® online store owners. The main goal of RJMetrics is to help e-commerce businesses make better-grounded decisions.

It is obvious that after this acquisition Magento ® e-platform will get a number of competitive advantages that will affect its successful development in the future.

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