Products Rating in Magento ®: How To Configure

How you can attract your customers’ attention to a necessary product quickly – to configure the rating and review of your products in your Magento ® store.

Let us review how to configure products rating in Magento ® and why this function is necessary.

Say “Yes!” to customers’ Products Rating opinion

According to statistics of some well-known marketing agencies, people are more interested in those commodity positions in the online store which have certain reviews and other customer feedback agrees that it gives confidence. You go to the store and see that the necessary product is in front of you at once or it has a good quality and whether the seller is honest or somewhat exaggerates the dignity of the product.

A customer will see on the main page of the Magento ® store that some products have reviews and he needs to go to the product page to read them, choose the Reviews item and look through other customers’ opinions.

Magento ® is an ideal platform for managing an online store because the majority of the necessary functions are already included in the standard build, unlike many computing resources. The same thing with the product rating extension.  This extension is enabled in the standard configuration by default.

Why 4 Star Product Ratings Can Be Better Than 5

At first blush, it may seem best to have all 5-star ratings with your products.  Then that customer from you knows where slams you with a low rating.  Should you fold up your eCommerce store and find another way to make a living?

Not necessarily.

It depends on two key factors.  First, how valid was their response as it compares to your typical day in your official website routine?  Second, are the issues that they bring forward with their low ranking review correctable?  The second point presumes that this customer left a response with their review which typically happens when people leave negative comments.

As long as you can take a positive look at the negative thought your ability to rise above such events will be increased.  Especially if, the general rating review feedback that you receive has been much more positive in nature.

Here's why:

When a product (or service for that matter) has nothing but positive 5-star reviews it can actually look a little spammy.  No one is perfect, that includes your eCommerce store solution.  Therefore, when your reviews show a propensity of 5-star ratings with an occasional lower rating you actually look more real to your viewers.

This is even truer if you respond to the review in a positively engaging way that demonstrates your care and concern for resolving the issue with your buyer.  When potential purchasers can see how you handle others in difficult situations they gain more knowledge in how they will be treated if something goes wrong in their own buying process.

How to configure products rating in Magento ®

To start doing the extension configuration you need to go to the admin panel and do the following actions:

1. Go to System – Configuration;

2. Choose the necessary store and click on it in the dropdown list from the left side menu;

3. Another menu will be displayed.  Choose ADVANCED and find the Advanced subsection there;

4. You will see the additional functions window where you will see Mage_Rating line and enable the rating extension. You need to put a tick in Enable;

5. Save the changes and go to the admin panel.

Besides the fact that you need to enable the module, you can choose what will be reviewed. To help customers review a product by all the possible factors you should go to the Catalog menu – Reviews and Ratings – Manage Ratings. You will see the scales by which you can configure the commodity positions. There is a number of factors which are set up by default. These are quality, cost, and price. If you are interested in other parameters or you want to disable these ones, you need to find the Rating Visibility section. You can disable/enable certain rating variants here. It is a very useful function.

Besides it, you can provide your customers with the ability to see the strongest features of this or that product, in other words, for the product reviewed with the highest rating. To do it you need to return to the Manage Rating menu and click on the Add New Rating button. Now you can create a new rating for yourself. You should write the header of your rating in the Default Value line and choose your store in Rating Visibility line. After all the necessary settings have been selected, save the changes.

With such a simple algorithm you can create a variety of different rating classifications which will help your customers to have the most extensive buyer survey of the products provided by your Magento ® store. But please remember that many rating variants can be annoying. So, you should proceed without fanaticism and try not to impose this function to the buyers.

If you can’t do something by yourself, you can always contact GoMage specialists and they will help you to configure product ratings in Magento ®.

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