Magento Migration: How to Plan Migration for 2018


2018 is just around the corner. Discussing the plans for the next year with our clients, we realized that some of them are planning for migration to Magento ® 2. In this regard, there are some questions that we would like to review.

Questions About Magento Migration

Where to start?

First, we recommend reading all official documentation on It can help you to understand the stages of this process which is not an easy one. If you haven’t enough programming and development skills to understand all the information, GoMage is ready to assist in the process.

The main task of the merchant is to do a careful preparation. Some useful recommendations are below.

Determine a low sales season

In our experience, the low sales season is the best period for migration. It is very difficult to predict how everything goes during an upgrade process, so it is important to upgrade during your period of decreased activity if at all possible.  This will help to minimize losses.

Many merchants prefer to plan the migration of the live site on weekends when the store is closed and doesn’t provide any support or delivery service.  It is not always a good decision.

Some work can be done during the weekend if it is necessary.  But there may be a situation when hosting support stops responding, or the help of an HTML layout designer is needed and the person is not available.

There may be many contingencies, so it is better to use active time. As soon as you identify the migration period you will be able to start preparing.

Make a list of all extensions for Magento ® 1 that are installed in the store

Magento ® 2 was released recently.  Not as many extensions are available for this system yet. So, the list of installed extensions will determine the amount of work that should be done before migration.

If an extension is not provided by the Magento ® Community you can order its development, which is usually expensive.

Another option would be to postpone your migration.

Think about a new design for your online store

Magento ® 2 is significantly different from Magento ® 1.  The theme of the existing store can’t be used in the new version. The migration to Magento ® 2 is a good opportunity to update your store design.

You can create a document describing what you’d like to change and what you prefer to leave as it is. Doing such an analysis now can save both time and money in the future.

Make a list of functions you’d like to add during your Magento migration

In fact, migration to Magento ® 2 means that a new online store will be developed. It will not take as much time as the first one because you have content, products and so on.

But from the technical point of view, it is like a new store. You can expand the existing functionality and make your store more convenient for users.

Identify your top pages not to lose your position in search engines

Does migration has an impact on SEO.

With Magento ® 2, your store will be more SEO-friendly.

What you definitely need to do is make a list of pages/references to the pages which have TOP positions in SERP. This means these URLs mustn’t be changed, even if you prefer to update the category structure.

Otherwise, you need to implement redirects not to lose your search traffic.

Quite recently Google changed its policies regarding 301 and 302 redirects and the pages don’t lose their weight anymore. Read more here.

Integration with other systems

If your existing store is integrated with CRM, ERP or other systems, the migration will be more complicated. In this way, your developer should help you strategically plan the work.

NOTE:  You will need more time for the project to be completed.

All this information is enough to start making the requirements for your migration project including choosing the developer who will help you to do this.

For certain reasons, it is better to deal with the same company who developed your Magento ® 1 store if possible. Their team knows the peculiarities of your business and they will need less time to understand your requirements. If you were not satisfied with the work of your previous developer, there are some recommendations to consider for Magento ®.

How to choose the right partner – the development company

What we can offer, or GoMage advantages

GoMage has been working with Magento storefronts since 2010 and specializes in Magento ® only.

In our portfolio, we have several successful Magento migration projects and we are ready to provide you with references from our clients.

The extensions for Magento ® 2 are also available, so you can be sure that the main eCommerce processes will be optimized with the best extensions for Magento ® 2 in order to help your business grow successfully.