Magento Email Settings: How To Configure For Your Storefront

Correct email configuration is extremely important for any online business. Today we will discuss how to configure email contact data in Magento ®, how to change the logo in the email and how to setup receipt of the email notifications of new orders.

How to Configure Magento Email Settings Contact Data

Configuration of the contact data in the email that is sent to the customer is a very important task. First of all, this increases the level of trust to the online store. Secondly, customers will not have to search for your contact data on the site in case they need any assistance. Thirdly, this is a very convenient option that significantly improves your store usability.

In order to configure the email contact data in Magento ® you need to go to the admin panel – System – Configuration section. There you will see the option for Email addresses. Set the necessary email addresses in the corresponding fields. It is very important to use valid email addresses which you check several times a day, so you can help your customers immediately.

How to change the logo in Magento ® emails

As well as any online store, any email should have its own design, peculiarities and logo, configured in accordance with the general site design. The site can use the help of GoMage themes but you will still need to configure the emails by yourself. This is necessary in order to let customers know that emails are sent from your store. And again, such business approach indicates that your store image is most important for you as the owner.

According to the default Magento ® settings, all emails are sent with the system logo. This is not very convenient if you wish to make your store unique in all details. In order to change the settings go to the admin panel, then to System – Configuration – Design - Transactional emails. You will see the page on which you can change the email settings. Click ‘Logo Image’ and upload your own logo. Save all changes you make. A small advice here: while developing your logo save it in PhotoShop for web, this simple trick will help you to reduce the emails loading time.

Now all emails sent from your store will contain your logo.

How to configure Transactional email receipts

In most cases Magento ® requires the orders to be checked by the administrators. If you do not process the orders in time you may lose precious time and even customers. There is a very convenient option in Magento ® – email notifications about incoming transactions. It allows you process the orders almost immediately, confirm them, or cancel and inform customers what they need to correct.

In order to enable this option you need to go to the admin panel, then to System – Configuration - click ‘Letters (emails) on the order’ and you will be moved to another page where you need to choose the first tab – Order. Further actions are simple. In the field that says that the notification should be sent after an order is received you should enter your email address. If you have several addresses or several administrators that should receive these emails - add all necessary addresses separated by commas.

Now save the changes and check all settings, everything should work properly. If you have any issues with email configuration in Magento ® you can request assistance of a development company for Magento ®. We would also appreciate your comments regarding the email option configurations that you use.

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