Magento 1 Store Checklist: Points to Know after M1 EOL

This checklist is an easy guide for evaluating a Magento 1 store performance after M1 End Of Life. We collected everything you should know.

In other words, here are all crucial points that store owners should check to ensure their businesses are currently not in loss and are not posing significant risks for customers' data.

The checklist includes:

  • description of the main metrics & why analyze them;
  • free tools for analysis and how they work;
  • the ways of interpreting the results along with Magento industry averages;
  • recommendations from GoMage experts on how to improve.


Why it is essential to check your Magento 1 store now:

Since June 2020, Adobe won't release any official security patches and upgrades for Magento 1 ever again. Although it was a planned event, announced beforehand, only 34.5% of all stores migrated to Magento 2. Staying on the obsolete platform means an inevitable loss of performance. It comes with a low website speed index, possible security breaches, and failure to meet PCI Compliance Standards. Read more about the EOL risks and PCI Compliance in our blog.

The checklist shows the big picture.

Analyze the website performance together with important business metrics. Wondering how staying on Magento 1 can affect the conversion rates? We collected the Magento industry averages, so it's easy to see where your store stands among the competitors.

Don't have time or don't want to check it yourself?
Contact our Magento experts: they will go through the checklist and will identify additional metrics and points that you may be missing. The audit is free of charge! Just send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why trust us:

GoMage development agency is an official Magento partner specializing in Magento development exclusively. We’ve been creating and supporting Magento online stores since 2010. With 900+ completed Magento projects, we'll be able to find a reliable solution for your business based on a 10-year experience using modern approaches. Our Senior Specialists deliver high-performance online stores.

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