Holiday Marketing Dashboard is Available in Magento ® Commerce

Quite recently we discussed the new analytics service for Magento ®, which became possible due to acquiring RJMetrics - a professional cloud-based analytics platform. The other news about the development in this area was not long in coming.

At the end of August 2016 Magento ® introduced the new Holiday Dashboard that allows merchants the ability to make better decisions for the holiday sales season.

Magento ® Holiday Marketing Success

This new service gives Magento ® store owners more accurate analytical data for their holiday campaigns, namely:

  • Clients’ attraction: identify the most effective marketing channels to attract the most valuable holiday clients.
  • Clients’ retentionimprove the efficiency of existing customers and stimulate them to buy more.
  • Improved sales team productivity: provide sales managers with the necessary information to be concentrated on for the most significant goals during the most important sales period.
  • Magento ® Holiday Benchmark report: compare the marketing during holidays campaign results with industry benchmarks.


Magento Holiday Dashboard

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With the Holiday Dashboard, Magento ® online store owners can implement more effective strategies for attraction and retention of their clients.  Because it provides them with better advantages in front of their competitors.

The report “2016 Magento ® Holiday Benchmark” indicates that online stores attract about 59% more users during holiday periods.  However, since those clients purchase less and rarely return, they are 13% less profitable.

39% of clients that make the second purchase do so in the same holiday period and some trade categories generate about 24% of their annual income from holiday clients.  That’s why it is really important to have access to statistical data and to be informed about all possible market trends.

About RJMetrics

RJMetrics is the professional cloud-based analytics platform that combines an extensive data from different e-platforms, advertising networks (such as Google Adwords), event tracking services, and others.  It provides merchants with a real picture concerning their clients’ lifecycle and real-life analytics for effective business management.

Magento ® Analytics was developed by RJMetrics, and the company has been recently acquired by Magento ®. Read more here.

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