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High Converting Landing Pages: How To Rise Above The Rest

Apr 24, 2014 2 min read 403 views
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High Converting Landing Pages: How To Rise Above The Rest

Lately, single page sites can be often met on the Internet. Let us review the Landing Page topic and its advantages in business promotions.

What is the Secret of High Converting Landing Pages?

The main advantage of a single page site is its freedom connected with the design. Many Internet online stores look like each other and here it is not even the themes for Magento ® issue despite all the diversity suggested by GoMage company. The main reason is the similarity of the goods location, colors, standard blocks.

If customers do not remember your site, you can use Landing Page strategies. You can use any colors, fonts, sentences for attracting customers’ attention.

But in spite of this, it is difficult to promote a Landing Page on the Internet. A special approach, specific target audience and the fund investment in the form of buying places for contextual advertising are demanded.

How to make a Landing Page be marketable

1) The header is the most important part

The header of the landing page consists of two components such as a textual part and visual part. The textual part should be easy to read, clear and understandable in order to make a visitor understand what the page is at the first sight. The visual design depends on your abilities and capabilities. Nevertheless, do not use bright colors in the design of the header, because they are really striking.

2) There is an explanatory subheading under the header

It is very difficult to explain to a visitor what your page contains up to three words. Thus, the additional subheading is used.

For example:

Do you want to buy a training apparatus?
Can’t you choose a qualitative model?
The further description explains why a customer should buy a training apparatus from you and what advantages he will get.

3) Landing Page must have one purpose

The most important factor is that the Landing Page must have only one purpose. You cannot sell several commodity positions or propositions with one page. That is the main point of this site.

4) Highlight Benefits

You should focus a customer’s attention on profitable propositions. Why he should buy or visit your seminar, what benefit and saving can be got from it. Do not be shy and describe everything as accessible and interesting as you can.

5) Refer to Every Person

You need to emphasize in each phrase that you are referring to a specific person. Use “You” only in relation to a specific person.

6) Use Lists

As to list marketing researchers on the Internet, readers absorb information much faster submitted with the lists. It helps them not only to pay attention to the benefits but also increase the percent of the catchy information. Wherever you can, write information to lists.

7) Find a balance between textual and visual content

You need to combine textual and visual information. You can even apply infographic. It influences significantly on stand out from the competitors’ companies in any sphere.

8) Examples from Life

Provide examples from the lives of real people. It raises the level of trust to a certain product. If you sell a green coffee, describe the advantages before and after with the picture; if you sell training apparatuses, place a picture of the sportsman on the page.

9) Awaken the Desire to Act

It is necessary to place the phrase at the top of the page part which will make a person come to a final conclusion such as to place an order, call, subscribe to updates. This phrase should be short, unobtrusive, but at the same time very eloquent. As it is said, the shorter the advertising text, the more efficient it is.

10) Application Form should be without Unnecessary Fields

You should decrease the fields quantity which should be filled in by a person for further action. It will make the registration process faster and improve your customers’ attitude to your service. The optimal decision is the mapping of two-three fields. In most cases, the information provided with them will be enough for a productive contact.

If you follow these simple items of Landing Page in Magento ®, you will get the rapid effect of such promotion.

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