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In 2020, it’s fair to say that a business’s digital presence is a necessity, not a luxury. People are changing their shopping behaviors.

Consumers prefer to shop online.

But it’s not just the consumer who will benefit from the recent onslaught of digital retail trends; e-commerce has opened a floodgate of new opportunities for businesses.

Just think — businesses can now overcome geographical locations, offer lower costs, and provide round-the-clock service.

The benefits of establishing an e-commerce presence might be apparent, but figuring out how to do so can be overwhelming. Rest assured — GoMage is here to help. We provide world-class e-commerce solutions to businesses of every size, across the globe. We’re proud to specialize in Magento, one of the most popular open e-commerce systems.

GoMage Experience

We’ve completed more than 900 projects and have a satisfaction rating of 99% — but we know that the clients’ words are more meaningful than ours, so we’ll turn your attention to our Clutch profile. Clutch is a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform that delivers in-depth research on industry trends and insights, enabling buyers to find the right service provider for their particular objectives.

Our first review on Clutch came from Naturamarket.ca, a Canadian online food company. When their Magento 1 website could no longer handle growing amounts of traffic, they turned to us. First, we optimized the site to be able to handle increasing traffic. Then, when Magento announced that they were discontinuing Magento 1, we built a new website from scratch on Magento 2 using Naturamarket.ca’s existing design templates.

The client was ecstatic that we were able to transfer all of their data and customer information without having to take the site offline, as it’s their main source of revenue.

“The website is up and running and has the capacity to handle even more traffic than we are receiving now, which is the biggest sign of success.” — Founder, Naturamarket.ca

We continue to maintain the site, and the client appreciates that we’re vigilant about delivering the most recent Magento updates and patches.

We received another review from a restaurant equipment company that hired us to develop their e-commerce website. Our team took their designs and translated them into code, applying them on top of the Magento framework.

“Their communication is much better than my typical experiences with outsourced companies.” — IT Manager, Restaurant Equipment Manager

We built the site from the ground up, completing front- and backend development and customizing the site according to functional requirements.

GoMage Key Results

Our commitment to our clients is demonstrated by the fact that Clutch deems as a top e-commerce developer in Finland. We’re also ranked amongst the top companies on The Manifest and Visual Objects, Clutch’s sister sites and excellent resources for reliable business content.

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