Ecommerce Sales: 5 Tips for Surviving Slow Periods

After New Year holidays, many owners of online stores may have noticed that their sales decreased. It is understandable. People spent a lot of time for shopping during Christmas time and now it's a period to save money.

What can you do in this situation?

5 Tips on How to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Tip #1. Attract The Audience Who Visited Your Online Store But Did Not Purchase

There are 2 groups of visitors:

  • Abandoned carts visitors.

This audience should be considered above all.

These people visited the online store, we're going to buy something and add products to cart. The e-mails and names of such visitors are usually stored in your database, so it is possible to communicate with them. This communication should be planned properly.

Your task is not only to remind potential customers about the product which is in the cart but also offer them some favorable conditions. It is also possible to assume that the customer has made a purchase at another store and therefore, it would be appropriate to offer them related products.

Cross-selling can be very effective in this case. But you shouldn't be intrusive in your communication. Usually, 2 steps (2 e-mails, SMSs, or phone calls) are enough to see if the customer is interested or not in doing further business with your eCommerce sales process.

  • Online store visitors

In your online store, you definitely had visitors who searched for something but bought nothing.

Remarketing can help you to deliver information to the audience who visited your online store. But it is possible only in the case where special remarketing tags were installed on the pages of your website before sales season.  So, you are able to display advertising to your past visitors.

For more information, visit these resources: Remarketing in GoogleRemarketing in FacebookRemarketing on Twitter.

Tip #2. Expand The Number Of E-Commerce Sales Platforms

Nowadays there are so many opportunities to use shopping engines.

Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, Facebook and many other online platforms can be used for attracting more customers. The most complex task here is to configure correct feed files to import data to a certain shopping system. The requirements and templates for feed files are different and, for non-technical specialists, it can be difficult to create them.

GoMage Company is ready to help all Magento ® store owners. We have our special extension – GoMage FeedPro: Feed Manager for Magento ®, which allows you to generate and upload feed files quickly and without special technical knowledge. GoMage FeedPro is a very flexible tool.

In the Filter Configuration section, you can select the products you need to import to the feed file or output special discount prices if you have a promotion campaign in your online store.

Read more about shopping engines here.

Tip #3.  Creativity And Unusual Elements May Draw Attention To Your Online Store

Unusual things always attract the attention of users and such information can be good news for communicating with them. It is a very simple and obvious idea to offer deals and discounts, but try to do this in a more creative way.

For example, such discounts may be timed for funny holidays. Do you know that the 10th of February is Umbrella Day? Of course, it is not serious, but if you have umbrellas in your online store, you can support your information about discounts with an amazing story about umbrellas or give some advice on how to celebrate this fun day.

There are a lot of Ecommerce sales ideas you can find by searching on Google.

Humor or funny things always attract the attention of your audience. Try to find something interesting in your life or your job, and tell people about this.  Social networks fit ideally for such purposes.

Example of the efficient communication.

One of our clients has GoMage T-shirt and product designer in his Magento ® online store. This extension allows them to create a unique design of T-shirts, caps and souvenirs. So, to keep customers' attention, this client sends regular e-mails to all registered users of his online store with stories about the most amazing orders. Here are some of them:

  • One young man ordered a T-shirt with the text: I am looking for a part time job as a developer. PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, HTML. Don’t hesitate to contact me right now! And he found a good job and saved a lot of time for sending CV and interviews, because he just walked around the city and used public places to search for potential employers.
  • One lady ordered a T-shirt with a very positive text: “Congratulations on this moment! Be happy right now!”. When she wore this shirt, people always greeted her with a smile.


Tip #4.  Use Your CRM System And Clients’ Database

Each database has "forgotten" customers whom you did not communicate with for a long time. It is a right time to activate these contacts. But again, you need to plan such activities properly in order not to be obtrusive or annoying. Even if customers shopped a long time ago, consider the history of purchased products and create communication according to that information.

Tip #5.  Improve Your Web Design

This is necessary in order to keep your visitors’ attention. Very often visitors come and see the familiar interface and their reaction is like: “Oh, I was here, nothing interesting!”, so they leave the store without a more detailed search. It is always useful to add something new that would immediately grab users’ attention.

Each business is unique and it is clear that there are no specific Ecommerce sales rules what should be done during the off-season. Our tips can only inspire you for new activities to increase your sales.

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