Customer Service Solutions - Turning Mad Shoppers to Buyers

Even if you are a professional merchant and your online store works like a “Swiss watch”, from time to time you have dissatisfied customers. There are different circumstances, different people, and there may be many factors that cause poor service.

This is the reality and it is not possible to be an ideal merchant for everyone everywhere.

Customer Service Solutions for Dissatisfied Customers

It is a very typical situation - when everything goes well the online store works to the highest standards. But when there is a deviation from the standard situation and an angry customer appears, the managers become embarrassed, do not know what to do, how to behave themselves or what to tell their customer. The business process regarding how to deal with these types of customers has to be developed and implemented along with other processes in the online shop.

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All customers service solutions that leave customers dissatisfied can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. “There are no faults”. Online store did the job well, all promises were fulfilled and purchased product was delivered on time. But the client is in a bad mood and their claims are unsubstantiated.

Such situations can take place and it is important to identify them as “There are no faults”. You should provide certain recommendations to your online store personnel.  It is better to pass the communication with such clients to calm and steady managers.

Of course, it is necessary to listen to the customer, but the manager should try to explain that all obligations have been fulfilled and to make the communication as short as possible. The online shop is not the place to solve psychological problems.

Also, it affects the evaluation of the staff. When you analyze the number of conflicts with clients, it is important to check the quantity of the situations that fall under the “There are no faults” category.

  1. “Faults take place”. Most of the situations appear because of some problems in the online store functionality. There are many factors that may lead to these problems and, as a result, the online store has dissatisfied customers.


The Fishbone Diagram explores all possible or real causes that lead to problems with clients. In any case, when you analyze your customer service solutions, you need to determine the degree of your guilt in each situation and then decide how you can correct it.

The problems can be caused by the impact of external factors.

For example, you could not deliver the product on time because there was a traffic jam in the area. You were failed by your supplier who did not deliver the goods on time or delivered defective goods. There can be a power outage and many other factors.

They are not of concern to your clients, these are your problems and you must solve them without affecting their purchases. But you need to identify where the main cause of the problem is in order to do so.

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Some tips on  Customer Service Solutions When at Fault 

1. Honestly inform your customer, listen to them and apologize. This is the mandatory rule for all problematic situations. Remember consumers’ rights – the right to information and the right to be heard. Even if the problem is serious and you are guilty, do not hide the truth. Your client will be even angrier when he finds out that you kept them in the dark.

2. Suggest several ways to solve the problem. It is not enough to apologize. Your customer should feel that you tried to use all possible ways to find a solution.

3. Compensation as a way to make amends. You can’t keep all your promises but you can offer something else:

  • to wait for a few days and buy the product at a discounted price;
  • free delivery;
  • discounts for other products;
  • other product for free ( a gift as the compensation);
  • status of VIP customer with all advantages and so on.

If your customer agrees to the compensation, you have to provide the perfect service. Mistakes are not allowed here.  But be ready because the client may refuse to accept any of your propositions.  Remember the consumers’ right to redress and be prepared for providing a money refund.

4. Encourage the staff of your online store. Even the most effective procedures and approaches will not work if managers are not interested in satisfying the customer.

5. Plan the communication process. In each situation, a specific style of communication and behavior is appropriate. When you explain the problem, the tone of your voice should be serious. Sometimes it is better to call the client personally rather than sending them an email.

If the customer agreed to receive a gift-compensation, try to use this opportunity to leave your customer with maximum positive emotions. In this case, it can be fun and easy communication. But if you are not sure that the customer has calmed down, it is better if your behavior is quiet and listening.

6. Deeply consider the problem of your client. Be creative. It is not always as easy as it seems. You can think of it as a trifle but it is very important for the client.  To explain this we’d like to share with you some stories that were told by our clients – the owners of Magento ® Online Stores.

The Computer Online Store

A customer bought pink headphones. The product was not expensive and it was not such an important purchase for the online store. These headphones were not available in stock. The managers of the online store apologized and offered to wait for a few days, to deliver other headphones in black color or to agree for the money refund.

But the pink headphones were bought by a mother as a birthday present for her daughter. It was important to have this product by a certain date and the money refund or other compensation did not solve the problem. The woman was disappointed because she was preparing for the birthday celebration and she did not have time to look for the same headphones in another online store.

The head of the sales department decided to buy headphones from a competitor’s online shop. The birthday wrapping was added and the product was delivered on time. Of course, the woman told the story to all her friends and some of them also shopped at this store.

It was surprising that the children liked the gift wrapping. They asked their mothers to buy something in the same beautiful wrapping and this case made this service of online store very popular.

The Online Store that Provides High-Quality household Appliances and Electronics

There was a special offer for vacuum cleaners in this online store. Due to the fault of a supplier the vacuum cleaners were not delivered on time. Some orders were not fulfilled but all clients agreed to wait a few days and get their vacuum cleaners later with free delivery.

All customers agreed, except one lady who was unhappy because she needed the vacuum cleaner on time to clean her house. Her old vacuum cleaner was broken and she was waiting for guests at her party, and of course the house had to be clean.

The managers of the online store understood.

It took 10 minutes for them to order cleaning services at a local cleaning company and inform the lady that she could be calm because all the work would be done by the cleaning company and her new vacuum cleaner will be delivered in a few days.

The service of the cleaning company was not expensive, and it was more profitable than offering the other more expensive model of the vacuum cleaner. The lady was happy and all her guests were informed about this story.

After this the online store received 20 customers who were recommended by this lady and all of them bought expensive home appliances by famous brands.

All customer service solutions that leave customers dissatisfied need to be evaluated on an individual basis.  It is a threat and an opportunity at the same time. There are no clear rules for what to do, but the attitude to the situation is very important. If you make some efforts and try to solve the client’s problem, you will get the loyal customer forever. Be sure that after such service your online store will be recommended to all friends of the client. Usually, the clients impressed by your actions in unusual situations write positive reviews. It is more valuable to go the extra mile in these types of situations.

Do your best to understand your customers and you can even turn a negative situation into a benefit for your business.

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