One step checkout is a must-have for each Magento online store

Magento platform is a powerful solution to develop an eCommerce website. It is open-source software written in PHP. The platform has a lot of advantages as well as flaws that should be corrected. One of these disadvantages is absence of one step checkout page. By default, Magento checkout flow has five steps or five different pages. But for users, it is more convenient to deal with one page where all steps are available. Let us discuss the advantages of one step checkout in more detail.

One of the features of Magento platform is its flexibility. Because it is written in PHP, there is no limitations to expanding the online store functionality. Moreover, Magento can be integrated with other systems such as CRM, ERP etc. Because it is an open source solution, it is possible to correct some processes, if required.

The checkout flow deserves greater attention because it is the final stage of a purchase. Before this, the users should be attracted to the online store, then they should search and choose the product they need, after this they should make decision concerning purchase and, when this long way is finished, they can go to the checkout. Do you agree that it would be very disappointing to lose the customer at this stage?

There are some reasons why one step checkout works better:

  • The user can see all fields that must be filled in. In fact, users do not like to do a lot of work. The shorter checkout flow is, the more effectively it works. If checkout flow is divided into several pages, it creates a feeling of the process complexity and seems longer.
  • Filling in all the fields on the same page is faster, so one step checkout saves users’ time. Moving to another page takes time. Moreover, a user may have slow internet and they will need to wait until the page is loaded. One step checkout solves this problem and makes the process less time consuming.
  • Most professional online stores organize their checkout process as one page checkout. It's kind of a standard that users are accustomed to. Therefore, it is better if the online store meets this standard and builds the process according to its requirements.
  • One step checkout page looks more logical and completed. This can help users to understand what information should be entered.
  • You can communicate with users when they go to checkout: “There is just one step to complete your purchase!”. There are not five steps – there is one simple step. This is clearly seem easier as one more little effort, and you achieve your goal. For marketing purposes, it can be helpful.

We have provided a short overview. But you can read more tips concerning one step checkout flow in our blog.

All that described above reveals one main competitive advantage. Properly organized one step checkout process reduces the percentage of abandoned carts. In fact, the checkout optimization is not so hard to do. Our company provides the extension – GoMage LightCheckout: Magento one step checkout that allows online store owners optimize the default checkout process and make it more convenient for users. This extension was launched on the market in 2010 and now it is being used by thousands Magento stores. Positive reviews on third party websites speak for themselves. You can check high quality and reliability of this extension, otherwise we guarantee a refund within 14 days.

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