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Magento Support by GoMage

Free 6 (six) months support covers and is granted provided:

In order to be eligible for six (6) months free support the buyer must meet the following criteria.

  1. 1.Buyer registers at
    Users who purchase products and register at receive free support for six (6) months.
  2. 2.Buyer provides the following information:
    • Order reference number
    • Website address
    • Magento administrative area
    • FTP
  3. 3.The problems identified are found in module/theme packages developed by EASYVEASY SP. Z o.o.
  4. 4.The buyer does not make any modifications to the module/theme-particularly for those changes that cause product error/failure.
  5. 5.Buyer utilizes consultation for installation.

We respect the privacy of all our customers. does not disclose buyer information to third parties under any circumstances.

Failure to provide information in step 2 above will make the buyer ineligible for six (6) months free support.

Email is the required communication for technical support.

The following paid support services are available. We recommend you consider the following in order to have optimal performance of your software package. When your free six (6) month service has expired, you will be provided the option to continue at the current established rate.

  1. 1.When your free six (6) month service has expired, you will be provided the option to continue at the current established rate.
  2. 2.The following services are NOT covered by the free six (6) month support option:
    • Compatibility check between Magento and other software packages;
    • Installation;
    • Correction of the compatibility issues between GoMage extensions and third party modules/themes;
    • Integration of the purchased products;
    • Consultation for modules/themes customization;
    • Magento consultation;
    • Error correction caused during buyer installation;
    • Error correction caused during buyer software upgrade;
    • Assistance in code development;
    • Modules/themes customization;
    • Product integration troubleshooting;
    • Magento performance optimization and tuning;
    • Code development;
    • Extensions development and modification;
    • Data migration;
    • Third-party developers consultation;
    • Product version update with different module or theme.

Technical support is billed at an hourly rate. Total amount of time required to complete tasks will be dependent upon the buyer’s request, complex nature of issue and the software package.

Please refer to the Services Page for more information.

Please use the inquiry form to contact technical support. We are looking forward to assisting you.