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Professional server optimization and 24/7 support to keep your business growing

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Server Configuration

Server configuration according to client’s requirements to achieve the best Magento website speed and stability

Server Relocation

Transfer of the existing site to the new Magento optimized server.


Configuration of an internal website speed and functionality monitoring system.

Support 24/7

Support and maintenance of the server to keep your Magento website fast and operational 24/7

Speed Optimization

Website loading optimisation followed by 24/7 performance monitoring to acheive the best possible results

Our Approach to the Server Optimization

  • Building development and support workflow
  • Configuration of deployment tools
  • Connecting any type of GIT to our ticketing system
Perform fine tuning of MySQL, PHP, webserver, system core
Enable all server acceleration technologies, such as Elastic, Varnish, etc.

Why It Is Safe to Work With Us

  • Firewall configuration
  • Distinction of accounting systems
  • IP tables permissions
  • Generation of access keys

Why we are comfortable to work with

Guaranteed result within the specified SLA
One transparent ticketing system for a server support and development
24/7 support through the online chat

Our Experience

The X-Print Website Project – one of our largest long-term projects.


Performance analysis results before optimization

main page loading time
product Designer page loading time
active users greatly affect the performance
hosting cost for two servers
500 MB
database size

Performance analysis results after optimization

main page loading time
product Designer page loading time
users allowed to work on the site simultaneously
hosting cost for 28 servers with total disk space of 9TB
10 TB
database size

We have been particularly impressed with GoMage’s constant communication throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend GoMage to anybody wanting any kind of website developing.

Nino Boender
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